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Oy! I’m talking the general election. Look into it. Find out how much was spent by Romney and Obama in 2012. An obscene amount. Then project that to a hypothetical race between your hero, Bernie, and Trump. Do you think the Republicans are not going to have big donors contributing to the evil Trump’s campaign? The Republicans will sell their soul to have any Republican in the White House. They would give Satan himself a couple of billion to win.

Where would Bernie’s billions come from? The DNC, which he has contributed little too, SuperPACs willing to help him compete and win, and maybe even George Clooney and Susan Sarandon. He would need to raise well over a billion to compete.

It’s nice to be altruistic. And naive. But that’s also how you lose. This is politics. It’s not for the weak.

But, I don’t think Bernie has to worry. He has a minute chance of winning the nomination. He won’t have to compromise himself. Leave it up to Hillary. She will do the dirty work so you and others can demonize her some more. At least until she actually gets some of the tough shit done. Maybe even campaign finance reform.

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