Bernie didn’t set those rates.
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Relax, amigo. It was intended as a joke. It reminded me of Mitt Romney’s tax rate on his millions. Personally, I’ve never earned as much as Bernie, but for someone who purports that we all pay higher taxes for more free stuff, it seemed amusing to me he paid what he did.

And if I was like Hillary, earning what she did in 2014, I’d be doing what she did. Funny how the more you earn the more ways you find to protect your money. Who wants the government to have half your money? Most folks who earn that level of income are not dolts and seek the advice of financial advisors and lessen their tax burden. Most of us, in a similar situation, would do the same. Why wouldn’t we? I never thought Romney was a bad guy for doing what he did. I don’t see Hillary that way either.

Maybe someday Bernie will earn 20 million and pay 50% taxes on his earnings. Then we can say he’s a swell guy. Maybe someday he will release the rest of his returns. Time permitting and Jane gets it done.

Lighten up. It’s primary day in New York. Looking to be a good day for Hillary. I smell victory in the air.