Andrew Yoon

It’s been a little over one year since he’s left us but I still think about him from time to time. Andrew was a great friend and I miss him dearly, but I’m also glad to have made so many memories and experiences with him. Those memories and experiences end up being a story to tell in the future. No one knew this better than Andrew. He had a lot of stories and so I’m going to try and tell one of mine.

Andrew loved a lot of things. He loved games; he loved food; and he loved giving. Whether it’s experiences or gifts, he always found a way to delight and make the people around him smile. More often than not, he’d throw a person off before showing them their actual gift — let it be a witty remark, a cryptic phrase, or even a decoy gift! He definitely took joy in seeing my “wtf?” reaction and then my subsequent “OMFG HOW WHAT THIS IS AWESOME” reaction immediately after.

Andrew also loved Megaman. (And so do I.) Because we both liked Megaman, he ended up buying a couple of the Helmet statues at San Diego Comic Con and gave one of them to me for my birthday. In true Andrew style, he made me choose either the blue or red helmet. He ended up giving my the red helmet inside the blue’s box. More on that later. I also happened to have this Megaman art book that I thought he would like and I asked him if he wanted it. He responded with, “Yes, I do want it. But I want you to give it to me in a way I wouldn’t expect it.” So I said, “Sure.” And that was that.

Fast-forward months later; I see Andrew at a Christmas party and before he leaves for the night, we exchange gifts. I gave him a huge wrapped box and he gave me a USPS priority mail box that was pretty light. We hugged and said that we hope to see each other again soon. That night ended up being the last night I saw him in person.

A couple of days after, I get a call from him while I’m out and I said I’d call him back. I didn’t. So he messaged me on good ol’ Facebook.

So it turns out, when Andrew unwrapped my gift, he actually never opened it to see what was inside. It was the Megaman art book that I promised to give him… in that unexpected way, but he actually thought it was me returning his gift back to him. Because of that, he was pretty angry at me and everyone in Los Angeles. Thankfully, we cleared that up. :)

Today, March 2, would have been his 31st birthday. I can only imagine to adventure he’d make for himself and his friends. :)

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