Breaking the cycle-
maycee hogan

Hi, i like very much the metaphor of a glass half full-or empty:) Thank you.

Ultimately, wisdom is looking for that equilibrium, that balance, a path somewhere in between. As human being confronted with continuous and constant chaos, stimuli, we seek all the time to organize ourselves to deal with that. Bouncing between optimism and pessimism.

Embracing the challenges of the path we have chosen is taking responsibilities for our choices. The difficulty is to accept changing, even slightly changing, the direction we have taken when needed.

The picture i see is that of a driver going from A to B. She/he needs constantly to monitor she/he is still on the road. And be ready to change direction, slow down, go faster, stop or make a U-turn.

Accepting our own limitations or the reality. And changing because it is good to change.

Embracing the complexity and keeping ourselves as much as possible grounded.

Making sense of the reality while aiming for balance and enjoying the ride: the daily challenge of being human.

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