It’s Corruption, Stupid
Mark Ptak

The Democrats lost because of a corrupt party and a corrupt candidate. Not easy to digest this but IMO a fact and a simple one. Many details involved including Obama and Sanders but the fact remains. From what I have seen, nothing has changed. Russia and Comey also didn’t help but just details and timing that benefitted Trump. All of the above brought out the crazies that voted for Trump. This could not have happened without the DNC and Hillary. If we continue the two party system in the US we can expect more of the same. About all the GOP had to do was show up. Even with the most corrupt loud mouth ego maniac that even the GOP didn’t care much for, Trump was able to win. Trump is not a Republican but the greedy GOP will take anyone they can get as long as he lets them do what they want and they let him do what he wants and that is exactly what is happening.

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