Why You Must Undergo STD Testing At Arlington, VA, Regularly

Sexually active people, especially those with multiple partners, must test themselves for STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). If you feel embarrassed talking about this to your family physician, you can undergo STD testing in Arlington, VA, at an urgent health care clinic.

Why is it important?

You can get sexually transmitted disease without your knowing. In several cases, say doctors, symptoms don’t appear. You may be infected, but may show no signs. This could be dangerous for you in the long run and for your sexual partner, who can get the infection after a sexual intercourse.

How often should you get tested?

According to doctors, it depends on your sexual activity, your age, and other risk factors. Thanks to the presence of urgent care clinics, you can easily undergo STD testing in Washington, DC, and other areas.
The good thing about these clinics is that they maintain secrecy about your tests, if you want. You can discreetly take the reports and, if needed, consult physicians there. They offer advice on safe sex, ways to treat the disease in case you are diagnosed with it, and other concerns.

Common STDs

Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are two common STDs. Do not ignore them, as they may lead to serious health consequences later, such as cancer, organ damage, and infertility.

You must undergo STD testing at Arlington, VA, if:
• You are a woman below 25 and are sexually active
• You are a woman above 25 and have multiple sexual partners
• You are a man involved in homosexual activity
• You carry HIV
• You have been forced to have sex

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is yet another threat to your sexual organs. Certain virus type can cause cervical cancer, while other types can lead to genital warts. Most people with an active sexual life get infected with this virus at some point of their lives; yet they never show symptoms.HPV usually goes away in a couple of years.

However, if you find the warts persist for longer, you must visit an urgent care clinic and consult a physician.

Genital herpes is yet another STD. Unfortunately, no exact screening test exists for it yet. This is a viral infection and may not show symptoms. As you visit the clinic for STD testing, the physician may take a culture of early ulcers or blisters, in case you have developed any of these, or tissue scraping for lab tests. According to doctors, negative report does not always mean you are free from genital herpes.

Healthy sexual life

STDs sound scary. However, they also make you feel uncomfortable talking it to another person, even your doctor. This does not mean you stay silent. STDs won’t go away once they attack you. They require medical intervention.

The more you delay, the worse the condition may become. Moreover, you must also think about your partner’s health. If you are infected, you can transmit the infection in a single sexual intercourse.

Shed your shyness. Visit an urgent care clinic for STD testing at Arlington, VA, and lead a healthy and happy sexual life.