It means a candidate only has to tailor their campaign to suit a handful of major population…
Dave Scott

Yes, “All of America matters”. One of the tenants of democracy is “one person, one vote”. The EC conveniently bypasses this by creating an artificial layer of electors between the voting public and the presidency. Note that we don’t have electoral colleges for governor or senate races, yet most states consist of one or more population centers and rural voters. Are you in favor of electoral colleges for statewide races?

You state “The EC is truly representative of the people”, but how can it possibly be more representative than “one person, one vote”? Right now, a candidate only needs to tailor their campaign to suit a handful of swing states to win the EC (although Clinton’s campaign could be accused of ignoring reliably blue states like Michigan and Wisconsin to its peril, but goes to my argument that candidates already only target a handful of areas).

I do agree that “All of America matters.” Another tenant of democracy is that the minority should be respected by the majority and their rights and beliefs not trampled on. I think both the right and left are guilty of ignoring this unspoken rule for their own agendas. It’s quite obvious that Trump doesn’t feel this way, but in his case the country is suffering from the tyranny of the minority.

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