2016.12.05. To persist is difficult.

On the morning of 1205, after the Chinese class we went to the library, at which Ruby Wu (吳昱潔), Cathy Lin (林凱雯) and I shared a video of 王大陸, 「大平台」made us laugh for 30 minutes like 3 idiots. The capital listed, “那一天我向流星許願,希望她的願望裡也有我。大家好我是王大陸!我主演的電影,我的少女時代裡面的台詞,表達對於初戀滿滿的回憶。你們一定有屬於你們的青春回憶吧!今天2016MAMA這個舞台,將各位帶來所有最棒、美好的回憶。在這個舞台上,會給你們各位帶來滿滿的…大、平、台! “

Website attached: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufdtTNuI1q4

Then when I read paper of the history class, as I glanced at “exit, voice, loyalty,” I thought of the memory in English class in junior high, where we watched Hotel Transylvania.

During history class, when introducing a guy with profile 1902–1972, I thought of those with profile 1997-, the numbers following “-” causes just a little difference, but the difference could change utterly some people’s life.

Also, I thought that memory is not so reliable, when it becomes memory, it has passed. Totally, to become “past,” not anymore “living.”

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