2016.12.06. A day of surprise and silly movements.

During the break between the first class and second one of French modern Culture and Philosophy, the feeling and intimacy of strolling, roaming and roving as a vagabond came back to me. I have not had this feeling, which is similar to that when I was in the 2nd grade and 3rd grade of NEHS, for maybe 3 or 4 months. I liked it. Maybe the feeling was due the same activating zone in the brain.


At the 3rd class of French Philosophy, there was about to have a presentation of Plato’s story about Socrates’ death. Presented by Irene (王子勻), who didn’t need a scarf, I borrowed from her her scarf to keep myself warm. The sensation that hands being cold but neck being utterly warm is special and hard to describe.


In the afternoon, the Economics of Life, I met 周譽倫 and told him about our work distribution on the presentation scheduled the week after next. He had walked into the classroom with earplugs, seeming to be unhappy. Maybe something had happened so that he didn’t come to the class this morning. But afterwards when he talked to TA, he seemed to be OK.


At night Ray (陳博煒) and I went to eat Purple Bull, Sirloin, 10 oz. When we was biking from the side gate to 118, he told me that he rode Irene home last time. And he asked her if she had a feeling for me, the answer is no. Ray continued to ask, “If a person keeps chasing after you, can you feel that (Or maybe ‘will you have a feeling?’ due to the fact that he told me in Chinese, not clear.)” And what followed is the standard nodding of Irene, fast pace and high frequency, up and down, up and down. Then she said, “Those who are wobbling and I don’t know whether they are chasing after me is ridiculous.” I replied to Ray that I wasn’t chasing after Irene. Friends, we are friends. Delicious, and the corn soup is great (with some starch inside. XD)

晚上跟陳博煒吃紫牛,10 oz。他說他上次載子勻回家,今天上課還問她「你對吳一宏有感覺嗎?」答案是沒有。「那如果一個人一直追你,你會有感覺嗎?」答案是標準子勻式點頭法。紫牛好吃,玉米濃湯好喝。然後她還補充,那些看起來要追不追的就很…莫名其妙(我的理解中她會用的詞)就不知道他們在衝三小(陳博煒腦補)」

Again. Not again. I read comics on the web. But that was between courses, between different subjects I was studying. So, after reading a little bit of La Nausee, I head for the comics. At 21:55, after reading comics 看臉時代, it dawns on me that there are many weddings during my childhood, however as I grew up, fewer weddings intrude my life. Though, I think that wedding and the food treated are some of the memory I can remember. The everybody’s-happiness (maybe not mine at that moment) is such a jubilation.

Oh, besides, I bought a red bean (azuki) bread and a cream bread from the Family Mart near our dorm at 18:10 this evening.

While studying at 4th floor of our dorm, 2 classmates said to me that my riding inside the 博雅大樓 is too bad. At first, I thought I should follow my instinct, I am not to be blame. As the second person told me about that, it suddenly attacked. The feeling of confuse. What is right? And what is wrong? How am I judged? Does riding a bike inside a building means that my moral value is low?