These include building rapport among peers, going on virtual field trips, manipulating time and space, telling stories, motivating learners, showcasing historical footage, conducting demonstrations, and using visual juxtaposition.
Why there are so many video lectures in online learning, and why there probably shouldn’t be
MIT Media Lab

This is interesting, the idea that educator must become a filmmaker in order to use video effectively. Why hasn’t filmmaking 1o1 been required on some level for course creators?

The most I get from Coursera, as a content creator, is a video production checklist and a prompt on which edu-video making companies I should consider hiring:

When I spoke with Coursera about seeing a need to push the video format so that a video series could actually behave as if you were watching a television program, like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood or some other edutainment children’s programming, they were very confused at why this was even a direction I felt the video medium needed to be pushed in: