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It’s that time again. Maybe you were laid off because of COVID-19. Or you’ve got a steady job but you’re bored with your assigned projects. You didn’t get that raise or promotion you wanted. Whatever the reason, it’s time to start looking for another design job. And that means revamping your online portfolio.

The state of design is always changing, and any portfolio updates should take those changes into account. So what’s new for 2020? For one, skeumorphic design is making a comeback. It has a slightly different name, Neumorphism (aka “New Skeumorphism”), but the concept is the same.

What hasn’t changed: Every design job requires a portfolio. Your portfolio site can include case studies, processes, side projects, personal interests — a wide range of things. …

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Have you ever had anyone try to sell you a timeshare? If so, you’ll remember that the process doesn’t start with a hard sell. Instead, you’re treated to a pleasant weekend getaway — or at the very least, invited to view a beautifully shot and edited video designed to help you imagine what it would be like to spend a vacation with loved ones, relaxing in the luxury you so richly deserve.

These companies sell the vision first — and only then try to close the deal on the product. …

During my time in New York, I worked at on a product called Lighthouse360. Their mission is to create an easy-to-use patient communication system that helps dental practices grow and succeed. The means of accomplishing this mission can be summarized in one word — automation.

The Problem with Patient Cancellations

Any appointment or reservation-based business knows that this can be an issue that impacts their bottom line.

Imagine you own a new popular restaurant and it’s fully booked for the next month. …


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