Patriotic Democracy

The Patriotic Progressive State

Daniel C. Ross
Jun 12, 2019 · 8 min read

The time has come in which We the People can no-longer stand-by and remain idle in the wake of the outright attacks on our ideals by those stand on pillars and claim to be great leaders of Freedom Liberty and Equality.

As I look out and observe the changing tides and moods that surround and engulf our Nation from within; it is apparent that the foundation of our culture and society is wavering. Never before in our lifetimes, has there been such threats against the founding principles of our Nation; signed specifically in blood by those who seek to place the our National ideals and the greater good on the wayside for personal political gain. Corporate greed and interest, restrictions on our Basic and Human Rights, attacks on our Constitution and cultural identities, fear of free speech and dissenting ideas through violence, Globalist encroachment on our National sovereignty and our “Representatives” refusal to stand for the Rights of Americans and our People have made the statement that they only care for one thing; self gain.

Our Representatives and Senators, the individuals we elect to guide our communities through Federal and National politics with confidence and hope. Those who promise to run with strong moral and virtue, to be our voices and help run OUR government. However, does this happen?


We get a rather comical circus of vicious personal insults, corporate and media influences, destruction of image and promotion of an ego whom is considered the best; who once elected solely promotes national Party image, secure votes and fund-raise for personal and Party fees for assistance. This does little to help our People and country. The focus of the majority of their two year term should be on the betterment of the constituents of the District. Not in increasing financial backing, obtaining corporate interest and receiving Party backing for future promises and privileges. So much for having OUR voice be heard.

No, what occurs is our needs and good of the District soon become in complete devotion to Party, corporate interests and wealth accumulation; all through yellow journalism and Fake News, this, is all done over the greater good of the country and People. Under the guise of Freedom, Democracy, Equality and Representation, these individuals cater to independent authoritarian ideas of political power. The open-eyed ignorance of these “bearers of change,” a society handled since birth with limited social interaction. Many believing in the need for self-victimization through the education of the constant streaming of falsified true social and civil activism,

I love my country, I love the Republic. The most sacred right on this Earth is Humanities right to labor with their own hands, through their own Will. The most sacred sacrifice is the blood that is shed by Humanity for this Earth and its children. However, this country, which has battled adversity from both the political Left and the Right, is now being corrupted and rotted out from within. Policies, ideas and structures that impede true justice, restrict freedom of self development and impose hateful/subconscious social themes through media, do not help the American People, in whom this nation is made. The attacks on our sovereignty and the greater good of our People show that Global gentrification efforts, large business influences, corporate leaders and promoters of self-hatred and division are playing their last hand, striking blind in the hope for a final death strike.

The cultural and social destruction of a People must be avoided.

1798 is a year that should always be remembered in our history. This is the year the country encountered the first injection of poisonous division caused by the political factions which have further divided this nation among class racial and gender lines.

When the current State purposely instills division with the help of elected “representatives” and officials, the principle no longer stands for the good of the People. I will not allow this despicable and out-right immoral rise of divisive ideas and persons betray the sacred Trinity the nation; ones self, the community and the State. Only when the present corrupt system is toppled shall the bonds be healed and restored; thus granting the American People their true path to social, cultural and political victory. The continued existence of such a system that acquiesces division and corruption under the guise of freedom, democracy, equality and representation; does not have the moral right to continue such mortal blows against the stated Will of the People. This is the reason why I have decided to run as an Independent/Third Party candidate under the newly conceived political idea of Patriotic Progressivism and the philosophy of a Patriotic Democracy.

Properly understood, Patriotic Democracy is nothing less than the orientation of the human mind and body, with the satisfaction of our dominant creative and inventive impulses; aimed with fulfilling the needs to live life to the fullest, through the development of the individuals’ potential, joined in union with the communities for the overall betterment of the State. Combined with the conditions of natural selection, competition, and the union of cultural and social communities, the People shall be recognized with equality of Human Rights and Needs, through hard work, perseverance and and Will, granted upon us by Fate and provided for by the State.

We are Patriots. We are Progressives.

As a Patriot, I recognise the Basic Needs and Rights of the American Peoples first and foremost. I hold the belief that the social fabric and legitimacy of the Nation is bound by the love a collective sociocultural identity holds towards a political imaginary and more so by the moral ideals it produces.

Our use of Patriotism – And I want to be very clear that we do not hold the traditional right wing stance – We have evolved and with that, so has the application. We do not support blind Patriotism nor promote the advocacy of bigoted supremacy over race, gender, sexuality religion etc. We define Patriotism as an attachment to Enlightened Democratic ideals. For us, Patriotism is the acknowledgment of our lack of Progress within the sociocultural foundations of our country. It no longer is total love of Nation & Blood but rather, love and support for our Republic, it’s Democratic foundation and the. Enlightened ideals that helped to form our country. We pledge Allegiance to the fulfilment of the Rights of Man; that all People are born with equal rights and remain free in the pursuit of life, liberty & happiness.

As Progressives we are devoted in overcoming the preconceived antagonistic, discriminatory and prejudice systems, structures and views held in our collective past. Victory over these atrocities will be realized through the hard work of the social cooperative, communal responsibility, and in the allowance of the People to develop their preeminent traits and ideas.

In deciding to enter the 2020 Congressional Race, I understand the challenges and difficulties that lie ahead. Besides what I consider some “minor inconveniences” such as certain financial barriers that support the privileged, the wealthy, the highly pretentious and overall extremely selective pool of notable applicants. (In turn, the monetary amount needed to vote greatly restricts those who are truly affected by reality; the worker, the farmer, the teacher, etc:)

I’ve been criticized for my political beliefs, mocked for my sexual and gender identity, the truths of our social reality through both privilege and struggle. I see an ever growing dangerous path as we continue to normalize our present political reality. Words have begun to lose meaning, meanings have no longer any value. Insults are the ones that win debates. Ideas are accepted on no basis of fact, or are ignored when there’s more than enough evidence. I see the political, cultural and growing social breakdown of our current Republic, these have been in place for year – The parasitic rot allowed to consume, within each Chamber, Party and individual whom do not hold a strong Will and Voice for the People. To be a voice of change, and a instrument of the People, you cannot be intimidated, cannot be tied down to corporate interests and must always stand up for the Rights of All.

As a white non-binary gay working-class male, I fully acknowledge the racial privileges inherited to me unconsciously through society, recognize the atrocities committed upon Indigenous Peoples, People of Color, women and other marginalized groups, having bared witness and being a victim to homophobia and transphobia myself, and comprehend the issues faced by my fellow worker. Together, in the formation of a new imagined community we stand together as equals- Forever Forwards as we march Onward to Victory.

I know you may read this with interest or none at all. I know you may not even be paying attention or reading at all. I can imagine questions and thoughts like Who’ this though? Why is he even talking or writing this? To say this and/or that? Oh okay haha” What does he have thats not been done or said? Why should anyone listen to him? Oh great another one!?

I get it. Totally.

This is why I ask to serve You as the one who is willing to go against the grain, as the voice through which you speak; the on that can bring real change and support needed to our District. I hold faith in the greater good and the 18 Points I’ve created for life, political action, the Patriotic Peoples Party* and Patriotic Democracy. Symbolized by the Phoenix, the Patriotic Progressive movement will be in constant re-birth; one in which a Union of Peoples form a voice and direct democracy to restore the tyrannical and splintered government and return it to Us.

What we are seeing today with the growing rise in hatred and division must be stopped before we wake up and realize we have destroyed the very foundations we hold dear. The success we have today will dictate the future we will lay out for our children. I will never capitulate, I will never give in. Our political and social enemies may attempt to stop us, even slander my name, family and our community. These individuals may try, but I will never give in to those who use fear to control the direction of the People.

Make NO mistake, I am neither Democrat nor Republican; I don’t adhere to labels of Left or Right.

I am a Patriot. I am Progressive.

We will stand for all our collective Peoples, our culture and our ideals. Together in the Union of Peoples-We are America.

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