Patrisha Lussier leads Kindergarten Readiness Preschool, a new program in Shoreline, Washington. Ms. Lussier understands children learn in different ways and the importance of preschools adapting to each child. Patrisha Lussier believes in blending Handwriting Without Tears, Creative Curriculum, with the State Core Competencies, creating a powerful teaching strategy to meet each child’s individual needs. Classrooms are set to work with Bank Street (play-led) and Montessori Philosophies (everything teaches the child).

Over the past 25 years, Patrisha Lussier has learned from the children in her care, realizing children are not the same in almost every area of learning. Children should not be type casted, but in grade school, the teachers teach one way for all. When they are not prepared to learn in grade school, they are unable to understand that type of teaching. Children need the foundation that preschool can provide, then they feel respected, cared for and wanted, leading them to be eager to learn and respond. The backlash of this is unwanted behaviors which can lead to dropping out of school early.

For the last 15 years, Patrisha Lussier has dedicated her life to caring for disadvantage children, bringing attention to educators, city and state representatives on the importance of preparing these children to succeed in school. Children who live in poverty rarely see preschool, they start Kindergarten behind their peers and generally leave school early and feel unwanted.

In her free time, Patrisha Lussier enjoys spending time with her daughter, cooking, reading and writing articles on child care, preschool and children’s behaviors. She volunteers at a Seattle hospital, at a Senior care center, and as a teacher’s aide in her church’s preschool. Ms. Lussier cares for several children in other countries, learning their customs and beliefs. She encourages families to choose a child to care for, and let their children write letters and send pictures back and forth. Such a wonderful way for children to learn emphathy and an understanding of others.