Nice Sweats
Sebastian Deken

Do count among your accomplishments the ability to write well! Thanks for the uplifting story. And being a big time dog lover, I love the sweat shirt, and I would have bought it because it’s so neat!!!! But I have also spent a lot of my life in very subdued clothing….never wanted to bring attention to myself. I am a horse lover and have worn sweat shirts with horses on them, but that’s as colorful as I’ll get. I am going to remember your thoughts on wearing something as simple as a colorful ensemble (yes, I believe an ensemble can be a sweat shirt and $12.00 jeans). I may never do it, but at least I’ll think about it. And as they say, living well is the best revenge (not that we necessarily want revenge…where’s the sense in that) and no doubt you are living a much happier live than Gavin and all the Gavins out there…..souind like you have true love and friendship, and I’m pretty sure they don’t. Thanks again!