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It’s easier than you think.

First off, what is a French-style gallery? And second, how can you capture the look without spending a whole afternoon drilling random holes in your wall?

To better understand the classic French way of hanging art — sometimes called “salon-style” — PatronArt offers you a peek into the fascinating origins the famous French salon. Then, we’ll show you how to get an effortless-looking gallery wall in your own home using tricks of the trade from pro art installer Todd Rector.

The History

The Salon began as an exhibit for the graduates of The Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture, and was held annually in Paris, beginning in the 1670s. A semi-public exhibit, it was named for the room in the Louvre where it was held, the Salon Carré, or “square room.” …

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Conquer the market with this next-level sales strategy

Research: Alex Bell

If you were an artist in the olden days — you know, before Instagram, Twitter, and prepackaged airplane peanuts — patrons could waltz right into your studio and see the art they wanted to buy firsthand. That still happens, of course, but now it’s more convenient to post or send a photo.

So what do you do? Hire a photographer and snap some pictures? Take a photography class and go the DIY route? Those are both great starting steps toward solving your long distance art-selling dilemma, but modern marketing practices demand a little more from artists these days. …

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If you’re the sort of person whose one and only camera just slipped out of their back pocket and into a pool, please pay attention, because this article is for you.

Let’s first acknowledge that there’s no shame in not knowing how to use a camera. Some of the best artists we know are hopelessly challenged when it comes to point, shoot, and click.

While there’s no rule saying you have to learn or the art police will bust down your door in the middle of the night waving a telephoto lens in your face, it’s always helpful to have a new skill. Especially one that can take your job title from “Unknown Painting Recluse” to “Bonafide Instagram Art Star with Amazing Hair, That Everyone Loves.” …

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Get interior decorating tips from professional art installer Todd Rector

How you display your art can actually be more important than which art you choose to hang. No, seriously.

Badly hung art is a distraction at best and a total room-wrecker at worst. It might seem complicated, but hanging really comes down to balance and thoughtful consideration of space. When in doubt, though, get advice from a pro.

Today’s hanging tips come from Todd Rector, the founder of On the Wall, a Columbus, Ohio-based art installation company that beautifies walls around the city. “Everything has its own specific problem,” says Rector. …

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PatronArt takes the fear out of starting your art collection with tips from art appraiser Sarah McMillan

Consider this scenario: You’ve meticulously decorated your home and picked out the perfect rug to match your pillows. But as you settle into your sofa, you see blank walls staring back at you.

Or, maybe you love to wander through museums while traveling, and want to come home to some artwork of your own, but think that buying a work of art would break your budget. After all, didn’t someone just spend $450 million on a painting?

Having an art collection is sometimes viewed as unreachable, but it doesn’t need to be! We’re here to take away some of that fear and reassure you that if you follow these steps, you’ll find a work of art you’ll love for a lifetime. …

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Stir up interest in your work by giving clients a sneak peak into your life

This week we’re going to switch gears and talk words, not images. We can already hear some of you groaning, but not to worry. There won’t be any 18-page term papers due at the end of this post, we promise.

We would, however, like to give you some friendly advice on the bits and pieces of writing you’ll need to market yourself, and your art.

This week we’re covering the basics of how to write your own biography. You could hire someone to do it for you, but with patience and a little help from PatronArt, writing a bio that enhances your art (instead of getting in its way) doesn’t have to be a big deal. …

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Keep the elements off your paintings and drawings with tips from art appraiser Sarah McMillan

You know that warm feeling you get from bringing home a new painting? The curatorial team at PatronArt wants to keep that feeling going.

We know new art is a special purchase, especially when it depicts something near and dear to your heart; a sweet painting of your beloved dog or childhood home adds a meaningful addition to your space.

But how do you care for it? What steps should you take to protect it and what should you avoid? You can sit on your sofa and admire it for years, but art, like everything else, requires a touch of maintenance now and again. After all, art, like everything else in your home, is affected by its surroundings. …



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