Comparing Adshares and PRcoin

Before I get to the comparison of both of these projects, I believe, and it will be sensible, to take a closer look at the basics and the aims of their functionalities. Let's begin with Adshares, it is a decentralised, peer-to-peer advertising program market, thanks to which both advertisers and publishers can directly and without the need of a centralised exhange of advertising, trade among themselves on the basis of P2P (hosts have the same permissions, and not on the basis of client-server).

Advantages of this network are and not limited to:

-No intermediaries who add extra costs,

-Reduction of fees compared to other similar projects on the market(our fees fluctuate in less than 1% of the order between the advertiser and executor),

- Availability of the platform to everyone- independent of the size of their capital( thanks to that not only the bigger players can expand),

-Thanks to our platform it is possible to handle segments which are not fully regluated by law such as gambling. However we need to take into consideration not only our platform but also the state law of the country in which our advertisement is to be placed, 

-The structure of this market makes cheating unprofitable the advertiser pays the executor only after seeing the advertisement, and not before. So if the advertiser wishes for example, for his advertisement to gain interest in Poland, then access to it from servers in mozambique for example will not be paid. We also protect executors, if someone outsources them an advertisement and then after a few clicks they do not receive payment 
(according to the contract), The advertiser will be in the database (as a scam artist), which will be available to see by other advertisers and executors,

-Adshares is consistently checked and improved by specialists among others,in terms of algorithms with the aim of improving the platform,

-We do not charge for sharing advertisements.

Prcoin is a P2P advertising platform based on blockchain.

It provides the possibility to advertise products and services and relies on the fact that a well known publisher( who, for example, has authority in a particular area) can choose a desirable advertisement to publish on his website or blog etc. For placing this advertisement the advertiser will pay the publisher with the help of Prcoin, which will be the source of revenue for the publisher(so the revenue-costs of obtaining it). The advertiser buys Prcoin, to pay for the advertisement promoting their business. While the publisher who confirms it can then sell Prcoin to another advertiser. Additionally, an advertiser may post with the intention of selling the rights to publish his advertisement on the Prcoin platform, and then the publisher, who would be interested in a particular topic can buy these rights and then be its owner. To me this idea isn't interesting, so if someone is to extend this advertisement and has already achieved something, then on what basis are they supposed to pay at the beginning of advertising? However if interested people are found, then the advertiser can not only normally advertise his good or service but also make money of it through the sale of the rights to their publications. Publishers will have to make an effort to attract consumers to the content, which in theory should positively affect the earnings of the publisher and the advertiser. On the Prcoin website we can find more detailed information which should encourage us to become interested in this project, and we can read that its advantages are:

- The greatest advantage of Prcoin is the Prcoin advertising platform,

-Prcoins advertising platform is based on a network of blocks and is a platform which can lower costs and increase efficiency,

- Through the Prcoin platform the advertiser can freely register their advertisement on Prcoin,

- The Publisher can choose the desired advertisement to publish on their main page, blog etc. and receive Prcoin as revenue from the advertiser,

-The advertiser can buy Prcoin to pay for the advertisement and the publisher can sell Prcoin,

-Contrary to normal advertising concepts the advertiser can sell the right to publish to the publisher in the Prcoin advertising platform.

To sum up both projects, I would choose Adshares, because it not only places the advertiser equal to the publisher( both have the same rights and security, both are placed in a public catalog, in which the creators keep opinions about them and both parties can earn). Also the the aspect of advertising is broader in a legal scope because it is possible to advertise controversial topics such as tobacco, alcohol, and gambling. So goods and services which are currently one of the most popular and most profitable things on the market. Additionally Adshares speaks on the commission, which is to take less than 1% of the transfer between the advertiser and publisher. The project has lots of specific information on its website, unlike Prcoin which yields a lot of words but little practical information. In the case of Prcoin in theory everybody can earn money, but taking into consideration the many scenarios one should consider what would happen if someone buys the rights to an advertisement but doesn't earn money off it? In this case only the advertiser who has the right to sell earns and nothing guarantees current earnings. So automatic earnings are a safer solution without any costs in advance.

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