*or any ERC20 token

Tok’n’talk is a social platform for token holders. You can read more about it here or here or just jump straight to the website.

We’re working on a feature that will reward discussion thread participants with the passive income of Ether or a particular ERC20 token. We try to establish an organic ecosystem, which motivates the community to engage with their projects more and puts the advertiser in a new role, which serves the community more than the platform.

Sponsorship is no longer just a system to enrich the platform. …

Tok’n’talk is a social platform for token holders. It lets you discover the communities around your holdings, interact with the crypto sphere using your NFTs or addresses and create your own clubs while earning tokens of your choice.


Tok’n’Talk is based on claims. Each claim is a small piece of metadata that’s published into an open data layer, which is used to create a new relationship between the blockchain address and some arbitrary information. Once the transaction is signed by a user’s private key, we know the sender, receiver and the content of a message. …




  • スパム- ICO、プレゼントキャンペーン、エアドロップ。
  • 検証可能な事実に関する検証不可能な情報- 証拠のない残高や取引に関する情報。
  • 現実世界の自分- オンラインにて自らを証明するためにEメールまたはIDが求められる。
  • フィアット- ブロックチェーンプロジェクトは社会と断絶されており、社会的評価を上げるために独自のトークンを発行しても意味がありません。
  • スキャム- 偽装などによる秘密鍵の搾取

Ownership reveals expectations about the future (ie. ‘the price will go up’) and shows that people who have similar beliefs want to communicate with each other.

There are more and more ERC20 and ERC721 tokens and, as a result, more and more communities around these tokens. People are now connected by their holdings (I own a token) as well as their economic actions (I participated in an ICO), not just by their social interests (I like dogs).

Communities around tokens are formed on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Facebook etc., but, due to the conflict between the nature of new relations (economic)…

What can you build with Userfeeds?

In previous posts we’ve explained why “Facebook for cats” makes sense, we celebrated the launch of Cryptopurr’s MVP, and we’ve also shown you how to fork our work to your own preferred ERC721 token.

Now we want to show you few examples of what you can potentially build with it.

① Custom rankings for in-game assets

Amazon for cats

Too many items make the list hard to read? Do you know the perfect sauce for matching cats? Add a social layer on top and review the services provided by the siring kitties.

② Broadcast & socialize the blockchain events

Captain Barbossa just sent you an airdrop with a message about launching Cryptopurr.


Purr something!

We just officially launched our first iteration of “Facebook for cats”, explained in this post. To celebrate, we’ve decided to give each of our followers some Kovan Ethereum to help you start purring. Even though your cat belongs to mainnet, you can use this Kovan Ethereum (or any other test net) to purr for free, without bloating the network.

Cpt. Barbossa sent 800 kETH to ~70000 addresses that own at least one kittie.

If you don’t have a cat, perhaps you own an Ethmoji or Cryptobot instead, or want to create your own Robohash? …

In my last post I described the concept of navigation trails as an evolution of the standard tabbed browsing model.

As a part of the Browser.html project, I’m working on a spatial model through various user interactions and animations. This should help users better understand what’s going on and how to navigate the web most effectively.

Users have developed certain behaviors and expectations we want to build upon. Instead of replacing existing workflows, we want to enhance them.

Horizontal movement — going back / forward

Since the early 2000’s, the desktop metaphor of tabbed browsing has dominated the way we navigate the web. With Browser.html, a Mozilla Research project aimed at building a browser user interface built in HTML for nightly builds of Servo, we are experimenting with evolving the standard tabbed browser towards a model based on trails.

The goal of trails is to construct not only a window into web content but a narrative of user activity.

Education should be universal and free for everyone.

When I first entered the field, designers were patient with me. They gave me feedback on my work. They shared helpful articles and videos. They pointed me in the right direction. Without their help, I never would have gotten where I am today.

When I reached a point in my career where I could afford to give back, I decided to host some free product design workshops that were open to the public.

First, I created an outline that divided up the task of designing a product across three meetings. …

I am really unsatisfied with the current state of Browser History. I think that this is the most underestimated feature of every modern web browser. Let’s take the most popular browser as an example.

Before we talk about browsers history, we need to understand how we tend to browse nowadays.

Sometimes I want to know how to convert 1 foot to centimeters.

Patryk Adaś

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