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Tok’n’talk is a social platform for token holders. It lets you discover the communities around your holdings, interact with the crypto sphere using your NFTs or addresses and create your own clubs while earning tokens of your choice.


Claims are used to influence perceptions of others by linking consensual data with non-consensual claims about the data.

Once we’ve established a connection, we know everything about the behaviour of the address (since it’s operating on a public blockchain) and its correlation to other claims. Therefore the interpretation can be both non-consensual (subjective, social) and consensual (objective).

How to deal with all this data?

So what are we going to do with all this data? How is it even possible to read it all? First of all, we need to rank it. Ranked data is a feed that you see everyday: Twitter’s newsfeed, Google’s page, Spotify playlist recommendations, Yelp’s best nearby restaurants and so on.

Different sets of applications can be built in a spectrum of these messages, utilising different ranking methods.

Any action performed on any interface can influence the ranking of all the other interfaces in a different way. That’s an important shift, as the owner of the data layer no longer controls the perception of the data. You don’t add a link to Facebook. Because the data stays on an open data layer, it can be interpreted in many different ways.

Click. Social Network.

We support ERC721 and ERC20 standards tokens.

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