Make Your Dreams Come True!

Does it make sense?

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It sounds really simple, right? But before You start reading my story, You need to get to know me better. So let me quickly introduce myself in a few hashtags:

#25yo #designer #patryk #poland.

Unfortunately, still, not too much people believe in themselves so they are unable to realize their biggest dreams. The same like me in the past. Actually, it was the main reason why I decided to write my first story here. Since I was a child, one of my biggest dream was to visit California, USA. I thought it would be nice to become a Graphic Designer there, why not? And so it happened.

But First…

I started my adventure with designing about 8 years ago on the polish graphic board where young graphic designers from all over Poland were sharing their projects and achievements 🏅. One day, I decided to design something just for fun and see what’s going on there. It was so interesting and fascinating to me that people could take a look at my work from different points of view and share their opinions about it. Everyone had always something to add. That’s how I got so involved that I started spending a few hours daily designing and improving my skills. Thanks to that, I got a lot of problems at school, but it does not matter now lol.

I can not write too much here because in my first job I spent just one day 🤣. I’m serious lol. It was really small local company in my home city. To be honest, I did not like the atmosphere there and a cooperation between employees. It was visible for me already on the first day. That’s why I decided to say at the end of the day “I’m not coming back tomorrow, sorry guys”. As it turned out, it was one of my best decisions 💪.

Generally, dreams accompany each of us. I think visualizing dreams every single day is damn important to let them happen! So let’s try it. It doesn’t seem to be that difficult, huh? A few years ago I flew to visit my friend at Stockholm who got a job there as a designer as well, whoaaaa. He was really good, trust me. I remember one day when I stayed at his apartment and I thought that I want to do the same like he but in California. Honestly, I did not think that I would get a job there lol.

Be aware of your own decisions.

I have sent just a few resumes with my design projects to different companies based in California and thanks God, I met Christina B. Chan — the lead designer 🙌, who recruited me into FlashFunders based in sunny Santa Monica ✨. She gave me an opportunity to learn a ton of new stuff, work with incredibly talented and passionate people and design products like Investment Platform and others. Over one year, I worked remotely from my home and finally, I decided to meet everyone in real life and see how looks typical day in the office there. It was awesomeeeee! During our cooperation, they taught me a lot of things about which I had no idea before, but I think it’s a thing for the next story 😎.

Everything in life happens for something.

My goal today was to encourage people to do what they really care about. If you want to try something, just try it! Don’t be afraid to make decisions.

At last, let’s ask the same question as at the beginning. Does it make sense? Yasssss! It’s really worth it!

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Currently designing & improving the open platform for money, Xpring ✌

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