Oryginally published at my personal website: patryk.it

Today’s post is not a story, it’s just a collection of links to the interesting resources that could be useful for you in this epic journey.

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Actually, I’ve read only two books about Elixir-lang. Both of them were pretty good so I’d like to recommend to you to read both.

  • Programming Elixir ≥ 1.6: Functional > Concurrent > Pragmatic > Fun” — Dave Thomas. …

In this series, I would like to share with you my journey of changing the technological stack from object-oriented PHP with all the fancy stuff into the pragmatic choice that is Elixir language.

Oryginally published at my personal website: patryk.it

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first post from the “From PHP to Elixir” series about changing the paradigm and programming language. I’d like to present to you my way to start learning a new tool that is the Elixir.

Beginning of the story

When and where has it started? I was participating in the Domain-Driven Design Warsaw group meeting and there was a presentation from Sebastian Gębski about “DDD — the lost chapters”. It was not only about the DDD, but Sebastian also threw a few flavors about the Elixir language into the presentation. He just showed the audience how pragmatic Elixir is. It was so interesting to me. After the meetup, I’ve come to my home and have started browsing the Internet about Elixir. I just fell in love with this technology. …

Oryginally published at my personal website: patryk.it

Hi there! This article is mostly for people who, like me some time ago, are looking for information on how to configure Messenger for applications based on CQRS architectural pattern. To be honest, Messenger is my favorite SF component.

So at first — what is a CQRS? It’s the acronym of Command-Query Segregation Responsibility. In simple words — you’re split write-model from the read-model. That’s an approach first described by Greg Young.

Read-Model is the part of your application that is reading (wow?!) …


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