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Metropolis is a column about the intersection of technology, business, and cities.

It’s not Instagram, but it may as well be. Tucson, Arizona, flaunts its star-filled desert sunset landscapes, taunting you with the thought that this could be your backyard view. Northwest Arkansas sells itself with a thrilling picture of…

An artistic rendering of a techno-futuristic city with modern skyscrapers and uniquely shaped structures.
Illustration: Comrade

In historian Ben Wilson’s new book on the history of cities, Metropolis, he notes that the ancient Mesopotamian settlement of Uruk, considered urbanization’s first draft, actually came thousands of years after an elaborate stone worship site was assembled on a mountainside in present-day Turkey. “The temple came before the farm,”…

Illustration: Maria Chimishkyan

“None of us knows how long this crisis will last,” pleaded Robert Reffkin in a letter to Nancy Pelosi and her Republican counterpart Kevin McCarthy in March. Reffkin, CEO of real estate startup Compass, was urging Congress to include independent contractors like real estate agents — some 2 million of…

Eviction protections have ended in many states, but the fallout from the pandemic rages on. Tenants are being evicted over video chat as the courts adjust to social distancing, and the government has shown little concern in addressing a housing crisis that affects Black and Brown renters the most.

A protest in front of the Jackson Courthouse by advocacy group KC Tenants against continued evictions during the pandemic. Photo: Brandon Frederick

It’s a Thursday morning in July at the Jackson County Circuit Court in Kansas City, Missouri and Judge Mary Weir is running one of four landlord-tenant dockets processing housing cases — usually landlords seeking to evict their tenants. These state courtrooms, which typically try cases involving payday lenders and financial…

Cheering a crowd of protestors from a stoop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Photo by Erik McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images.

It pained Lynette Morrow that she was considering leaving Manhattan for the suburbs. But then again, nothing felt like it did before. “It’s not going back to normal,” she told the New York Times. “This is now going to be normal.” Mariam Zadeh, also from Morrow’s neighborhood of Battery Park…

Patrick Sisson

A Chicago expat living in Los Angeles, Patrick Sisson writes about the intersection of cities, business, and culture.

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