Conversation with My Wife (56)
Jack Herlocker

In the not to distant past we used exclamation points and various types of punctuation to illustrate our emotions or just flat out say how we feel.

An ellipsis might have been used for, things better off left unsaid…

Now our emotions are illustrated by emoticons, so, what do they really mean?

Let me just tell you, (Smiley face), (angry face), (frustrated face), (face blowing hearts), (face shedding tears)….

Oh hell, I don’t know how I really feel!

My therapist says I need to openly express my emoticons, Just let them out he says

Like f@#k I say (angry face)!

So, if I don’t fully express my emoticons, I’m going to blow up (bomb emoticon) and they will find all these emoticon pieces in my brain on autopsy (ellipsis). Oh gee wiz, I’m so confused!

I think some how, all this started with I (heart) NY on bumper stickers.
or Goofus and Galant along with Highlights (not to be confused with, “High Times”) activity magazines from childhood.

Slippery slope? and the slope is more slippery on social media.

Let me clap for you Jack (clapping Hands)! well I guess emoticons do save writing time. For you and your wife Jack, (clapping hands) x 50 here on medium and without emoticons. If you prefer, I will wright the word clap fifty times.

Some day we won’t have to talk or write, just point and click how we feel.

Maybe this will help with some understanding. I do hope this will help with you and your wife’s electronic conversations. Please strive to avoid emoticons during more intimate times. Like our government, they do not belong in the bedroom.

Well, maybe they are “big brother.” Some sort of subliminal mind control.

I do think women still prefer sweet nothings whispered in the ear, not sweet emoticons posted on a time line. However, this might help younger couples trying to conceive in relation to bio-feedback.

Well, (smiley face) to you Jack


P.S. Tell your wife that you (heart) her tonight and maybe in my honor you can make it a (Rainbow heart).

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