The Lady and The Priest: Reconciliation
Patsy Starke

To my Writing Friends, I have decided to write a story called, “The Lady and The Priest.” No it is not a romance like the “Thornbirds.” It is about a Transgender woman and a gay priest. It is about their struggles within themselves, family, religion, battered emotions and society. Please read the introduction.

I am not a novelist and most of my formal writing experience is in APA format for technical writing.

What I would like others to do is help me write this cooperatively. That means a democratic approach that involves agreement and shared effort. This endeavor will involve accuracy and proper research to define the truths about the characters and their reality.

I’m not exactly sure how to set this up electronically so we have a smooth way of communicating throughout the writing and editorial process. Not sure either how many writers will be involved but this is open to all possibilities.

If the collaborative effort becomes successful, any proceeds will be shared equally, that is my promise.

So, who’s in?