Places you keep going to

There’re some places, despite the higher price, the inconvenient location, or the inferior services, you keep going there, again and again. You even often plan ahead about allocate some time slots in the coming weeks to visit them.

In many cases there are actually a few dishes in those places that really attract you to them. Some places more few than others.

What are these dishes of yours?

Instead of asking around, I wonder if there are some tools that let people find out what are those dishes in those places for themselves (yes sometimes you don’t know yourself good enough) and for others who they think they share and want to share similar tastes. The answer also changes over time, from both parties that make and consume the food, so it is kind of dynamic and very interesting to observe these changes over time.

While I couldn’t find such tool yet, here is the list of mine:

  • Jou Chirashi at Sushi Mori, Sathorn Square Office Tower, Silom, Bangkok
Jou Chirashi at Sushi Mori, Sathorn Square Office Tower, Silom, Bangkok
  • To be added