Introducing the Next Generation of Equal Parts Cookware

One year ago, we started Equal Parts after discovering the joy and fulfillment that comes from time spent cooking. To say we’ve learned a lot since then would be an understatement. Still, as we take a moment to reflect, appreciate how we’ve grown, and take a purposeful step forward, our mission remains the same: to help make cooking at home easier, so that you can enjoy it more.

Home Cooking Is Making a Comeback

In a world that values productivity, convenience, and efficiency over everything, it’s easy to miss the opportunity that cooking presents on a daily basis. However, the last several months of the COVID-19 pandemic have sparked a return to the kitchen. Millennials who may have understood the value of home cooking but rarely created the time for it are now making food as a way to decompress and take control of their routines. In April, 54% of Americans reported that they were cooking more than ever, and 51% said they would continue to cook more after the crisis ends. (Hunter Food Study Special Report)

Nevertheless, the jump from 3 to 14+ at-home meals a week can be frustrating and exhausting when you’re working with old tools and a limited recipe repertoire. Through an upgraded line of non-stick, non-toxic cookware that cleans in seconds and a comprehensive platform of tips, techniques, and recipes, we are removing the stress and expectations that come with home cooking to help foster more enjoyment in the process.

Why Did We Decide to Upgrade?

Over the past year, we spent 750+ hours speaking with our customers, getting to know their relationship with cooking and its role in their daily routines. We collected insights through surveys, focus groups, ad tests, site tests, and countless interviews to immerse ourselves in the ways our audience cooks and what keeps them from cooking more — a testament to our founding principle of acting “Direct with Consumer.”

With three out of four customers telling us that Equal Parts helped them enjoy cooking more, we achieved what we set out to do. But, we also heard that there were some improvements they would make to our cookware to optimize it for their experience in the kitchen. So, we worked hand in hand with our community and our industrial design partners at Branch to incorporate all of this feedback into a line of beautiful, easy-to-use tools.

What We Love About This Line

Our cookware embodies a graceful aesthetic that balances clean and organic design elements. The decorative nature invites display and evokes the feeling of a warm, welcoming, and well-considered home.

Braise, Sauté, and Fry Without the Chemicals

To make braising, sautéing, frying, and cleaning a breeze, we coat our pots and pans with 100% natural, non-stick ceramic. Our surfaces wipe clean in seconds and are free from any harmful chemicals, like PTFE (Teflon), PFOA, or cadmium. Surprisingly, 95% of non-stick cookware on the market still contains Teflon.

Three Years of Fried Eggs, Still Non-Stick

We also wanted to make sure our non-stick coating could withstand the test of time, so we put it to the test by frying up three years' worth of eggs on an individual pan. We’re happy to share that over 1,000 eggs later, the non-stick ceramic is still slick.

Easy (and Comfortable) Handling

Each tool in our new line has been carefully crafted for maximum comfort and effortless control. We chose a polished, stainless steel handle with a flat top and curved bottom for a firm grip, and we added a heat-resistant silicone gasket to our new knob to protect your hands and facilitate safe gripping.

All sharp edges have been removed from our cookware to create a modern but inviting profile with organic lines. You’ll find the same rounded shapes throughout our entire line, including the knob, the lid, the hanging holes on our pans, the negative space on our pot handles, and our knife and utensils’ grip.

Light Interiors for More Control

When considering the color for our ceramic interiors, we intentionally selected the lightest color possible to give cooks more control over their ingredients — allowing them to monitor every detail of the cooking process and prevent burning.

Not Enough Space? No Problem

We made a point to keep each product multi-functional (suitable for cooking and serving), convenient (two universal lids that work across all four pots and pans), and stackable (for streamlined storage).

We also heard that our customers tend to keep at least one piece of cookware on display at a time. So we decided to expand our palette with this behavior in mind — selecting four new colors that add personality but complement the thoughtful and minimalist design pieces that make your kitchen feel like home.

Now There’s a Color for Every Kitchen

  • Black: Black brings us back to our origins as a brand. It has a timeless look that fits alongside the homey quirks of a kitchen filled with history.
  • Cream: Cream is our canvas. It’s found in the homes of the highly creative and provides a beautiful foundation for expressive meals.
  • Light Blue: Light Blue elicits a sense of calm. It works within the peaceful kitchens of the design-conscious.
  • Navy: Navy embodies balance. It fits within homes with a deep appreciation of the natural resources available to them.
  • Red: Red conveys a sense of optimism and lives in the kitchens of those who cook with joy and abandon.

Cream, Light Blue, and Navy are mainstay colors within the Pattern family of brands. You’ll also notice these colors represented in Open Spaces’ line of baskets, bins, and trays — all of which happen to pair beautifully with our cookware.

A New Take on Guidance

As a Pattern family brand, we believe in forming deep and personal relationships with our community through guidance and support.

At launch, we designed a Text-a-Chef program that paired every Equal Parts customer with a cooking coach to help troubleshoot dishes and build their intuition in the kitchen. Through that program, we learned how the Equal Parts customer cooks, and we discovered that our customer was a more skilled cook than we expected (on average, they self-identify as a 6.7/10 in terms of cooking ability).

We also learned that the most significant pain point they experience regularly is recipe fatigue and the monotony of cooking the same dishes again and again — a feeling that was only intensified through the onset of COVID-19.

Based on these insights, we refocused our guidance offering to meet our customer’s needs — building a one-stop-shop for home cooks with new recipes, tips, and techniques served up every week.

Our recipes focus on healthy, delicious, and easy-to-make options with a creative twist. Additionally, our tips and techniques are carefully curated to help our community build intuition — offering guidance on everything from flavor balancing to foundational techniques that create ease, enabling you to be creative and have more fun in the kitchen.

Thank You to All Who Made This Possible

We want to extend a sincere thank you to our friends and family, our community, and the thousands of home cooks that invited us into their kitchens this past year, all of whom have been our inspiration since day one. It has been an unforgettable ride, but cooking is a journey — one that we’re still on and excited to share with you.

Let’s get cooking.


The Equal Parts Team | @getequalparts | @patternbrands



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