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Pattern launched five months ago. We’ve had almost half a year to talk with our growing community, learn from our market, reflect on our experiences, and set a path forward for our company.

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January is often thought of as a time of renewal, where we lay the groundwork for the year ahead. For us, the beginning of the year represents an opportunity for intention setting, which is why we’re starting this year with a theme of ‘intentionality.’

As a business, we’re committed to building a new type of company, one that’s intentional in the value it creates, the dialogues it engages in, and the businesses it builds. Our first step in doing that this year is with the launch of our second brand, Open Spaces: a home organization brand focused on helping people create space to enjoy.

In launching brands, we intentionally invest in areas where we see a meaningful ability for Pattern to impact our daily life. Both Open Spaces and Equal Parts are in industries adjacent to our past DTC experience, and represent categories that we find help us reevaluate our relationships with our homes, and our home life.

Open Spaces

Create Space to Enjoy

As we spoke with consumers and our growing community, we repeatedly heard that the home is the foundation of daily life and represents an antidote to the stress of our lives. It’s become a counterpoint to our busy world and a haven where we can reconnect with the important parts of our days: time with loved ones, rewarding activities, and downtime.

However, we also heard that for many of us, our homes are a source of stress. Challenges with clutter and organization frequently inhibit our ability to foster enjoyment in the home, and cause emotional, mental, and financial strain. According to a recent survey by The Huffington Post, 84% of Americans report feelings of stress about home organization, and the average American spends 1 year of their life looking for lost items (NAPO).

By organizing our homes, we create both physical and mental space to be more mindful in the everyday habits and routines that comprise our lives. By focusing on a series of small, more intentional steps, we can create a sustainable and lasting impact that enables us to find opportunities for added enjoyment.

Just like our approach to the new year, our intention behind Open Spaces is to approach organizing in a way that’s empathetic, flexible, and sustainable.

Explore Open Spaces Later this Month

We can’t wait for you to experience our products, try out our guidance, and share your thoughts. Sign up at to be the first to know about our launch, and follow us on Instagram @getopenspaces.

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Reflecting on 2019

Our mission with Pattern is to help our generation enjoy daily life. Our first steps toward this goal have focused on helping bring back a sense of community, conversation, and human connection around topics and routines that promote balance, fulfillment, and purpose.

In August 2019, we began our journey:

  • We launched Pattern and started our direct-with-consumer campaign, speaking with thousands of people to understand what aspects of their lives are most afflicted by burnout, and what they’d like to see from Pattern.
  • We launched our charitable initiative, Give One, with support and sponsorship to our first partnered non-profit, the Two Bridges Neighborhood Council in our local community.
  • We launched our first brand, Equal Parts, and began building a nationwide community around the role of home cooking as a means of enjoying daily life.
  • We hosted our first event with Leandra Medine Cohen and Liz Tran, reflecting on what it means to be confident, vulnerable, and to seek success and enjoyment in our daily lives.
  • We created a holiday version of our 10 Daily Steps to help our community find presence, quality time, and enjoyment during a time of the year that can be difficult.
  • We were profiled in an article by Anne Helen Petersen, and wrote a follow up post alongside six other businesses on the responsibility that for-profit businesses have in helping to reverse the cultural affliction of burnout.
  • We launched our long-form newsletter, sharing stories from our team and community to help inspire learning, experimentation, and enjoyment with us. In all of our efforts our goal is to provide value, build more intimate connections, and create a dialogue that helps normalize ‘taboo’ topics (such as burnout, anxiety, vulnerability) within an open community.
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The Year Ahead

As we continue our journey in 2020, we’re excited to continue the conversation. Alongside Open Spaces and Equal Parts, we’ll be focused on listening, learning, and creating content and experiences for our community.

Here are a few places we’re starting:

Building our business direct-with-consumer (DWC).

We coined ‘direct with consumer’ as a way to signal our commitment to building a new type of business because we believe that the playbook of DTC is no longer sufficient in an evolving landscape. You can read more about our commitment here.

Thank you to the thousands of you who reached out in our first five months. Your input enabled us to evolve and iterate in a way that is more reflective of what you want and need.

This year, we’re increasing our time spent with our community by engaging in more direct dialogue, bringing our community together around our mission, and building our brands directly with you, rather than just for you. We’ll be kicking this off with a monthly speaker series, starting January 14 with Kelvin Beachum, NY Jets NFL player and Will Ahmed, Founder of Whoop. We’ll be discussing performance, balance, and enjoyment as it relates to mental, physical, and emotional health. We hope you can join us!

Measuring our success by our ability to impact enjoyment.

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a growing gap between brand missions and brand actions in the market.

For 2020, we’re focused on bringing measurable accountability to our mission by introducing an initiative designed to better understand the daily enjoyment of our community, consumers, and our team. We’re calling it our Mission Impact Score, and have included it as a new Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for our business.

We started our measurement in our first newsletter in December, and next month, we’ll be sharing initial results and our plan for how we’ll use our benchmarks to guide what we create as a business. Want to participate? You can share your score here.

Expanding our impact by giving back.

A meaningful part of our mission is giving back. As such, each Pattern brand is committed to giving 1% of revenue to neighborhood-based organizations through an initiative that we launched called Give One.

Over the last 4 months, we doubled our commitment and donated 2% of revenue to the Two Bridges Neighborhood Council to help fund access to affordable housing, education, and social services for underserved members of our local community in NYC.

We created Give One as an extension of the Pattern family to help communities around the country better enjoy daily life. This year, we’re excited to expand how we give back by integrating Give One charitable components into events, content, and partnerships.

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Expanding our focus to include home and work life.

Over the course of the last six months, we had many share about the impact that work has on their ability to enjoy daily life and their personal time.

While our brands are currently focused in the home, our personal lives and spaces are shaped by work and our professional lives as much as by our personal ones.

This is an important insight for the direction of our brand. To drive a true impact on enjoyment in daily life, it’s critical for us to expand our focus to the full picture; we’ll be continuing to expand the aspects of daily life that we focus on. As a start in 2020, our dialogue will include helping raise awareness, increasing education, and driving change in the status quo of work and our personal life.

Experiences that are a reflection of our mission and our values.

For 2020, we’ll be expanding what we offer our community by creating more content, products, partnerships, and experiences that are a reflection of our mission and our values.

We’re excited to further build out the Pattern brand and continue to engage with our community.

To weigh in on where we go next, we’d love to hear from you:

  • What topics would you like to see us start, or continue, to talk about?
  • What types of events would you like to see from Pattern?

Growing a business is hard: days can be stressful, nights can be long, and expectations of success typically demand that brands project nothing but complete confidence at all times. In the spirit of openness, transparency, and vulnerability, we’re excited to change the nature of these conversations and continue an honest dialogue with our community.

To join in, or just say hi, reach out at

Thank you,


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Enjoy Daily Life.

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