Blockchain and Photography Reading List

Oct 7 · 1 min read

Blockchain Reading List

Below is a reading list for attendees of my talks about blockchain and why this technology is important for photographers and artists to watch. I hope you will be excited to follow up and read more about these exciting applications.

Education, blockchain basics and real-world applications of this technology.

District0x Education Portal — Understanding the blockchain

Understanding the 3 different types of blockchain

Walmart and the IBM Foodtrust Christie’s first blockchain auction Verisart — digital certificates of authenticity for physical and digital works Photochain — stock photography marketplace Pixsy — image copyright registration, license tracking, online monitoring, post-licensing platform KodakOne — post-licensing platform IP Stock — image platform connects to multiple international stock agencies Artory — Builds a historical record of the transactions related to physical works of art. Manages the Christie’s auction house blockchain Fresco FRES Editions — fractional ownership in multiple editions Maecenas — blockchain-driven fractional ownership of artwork serving markets for galleries/museums, art investors and collectors.

Originally published at PhotoWorkflo.


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    Patti Hallock is the founder of PhotoWorkflo. She is a techie, an educator and photographer based in Denver, Colorado.

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