If A Picture can Paint A Thousand Words….

Than this picture is a painting of you

Papa’s words show the true portrait of dedication to his tutoring of teaching his Granddaughter thru Charter School this year. Watching my husband working with his grandchild(sometimes two of them at the same time),in school at home is a task in itself. Keeping her younger sister/cousin, out of their hair is also a task for me.

Peyton looks forward to learning with her Teacher Papa. I haven’t seen too many childen ask to do their homework until I saw Peyton patiently await for her Papa to start their teaching day thru.

Papa is more admired than can be expressed for his devotion as Peyton’s Teacher. Watching him patiently work out her problems and explain”how -to-do,”in away that a five year old can understand,is a challenge in itself.

Papa pulled it thru,in flying colors,along with the teamwork of his student. Mark-John’s portrait to myself,my children,and grandchildren has been a priceless piece of art.

He is a true work of art of donation to our family.We have an unconditional love for one another that has nourished us thru these years. I love you Mark and dedicate this post on a well deserved assignment to you….Patti