Saint Dismas’s 
Desire Of Love

My first letter from My Sweetheart

My heart is crusted over with an unbreakable mold.
Mark-John and My Love is about to be told:

We met at Starbuck’s, not intended you see.
Our eyes met, our hearts palpated, goosebumps rose up above our skins.
We were presented to be just aqaunted friends. We knew this was not,
a possibility.

Saint Dismas stole my heart! We knew from that moment, that we would never be apart. We fled from our Ex’s,at each other’s end. We began to infatuate in depth to no-end! Our love and desire, with a keyless-entry.
Our hearts are whole, from now til eternity.

Saint Dismas was the thief that stole my heart. Made to be unbroken, clear from the start. Our bond of Love, is made of cement. We molded our hearts,
from the “Thief of Repent.” He has been my Savior,clear from the start.
Thru these years, to never drift apart.

My Children and Grandchildren adore him to no-end. He is truly, only , my
one, only best friend. Our bodies meet together, our lips latch in, our hearts beat together, our pores began to tether. Those goose bumps smother,
into each other. Our love for one another cannot be measured. Therefore it’s priceless, and only to be treasured!

I love you Mark-John and I know you love me.
Happy Valentines Day from Me-Patti and your Family

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