The Glove of Love

One Day,

someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else.

My Dearest Mark-John,
This letter is to you.
You see,each special occasion my letter comes from you.
This time,its reversed because it’s my turn.
You’ve been there for me all of these years thru,
I’ve been spoiled,cherished by you,in more ways than one.
Until we met,we became a couple,my life was without sun!
You have been my life,my love,my sparkle of hope,
without you in my life,there hasen’t been a reason to cope.
You see,the story is told as it is:
We began our journey together with a catch of a mitt!
I flew into your glove,we both became a hit.
We won the game because we are a team!
You see,it’s like this;
I am the ball,that has no end,
You are the glove that I am put in!
I am secure with you wrapped around me,
You cushion me and hold me tight,
I’m padded and protected,all thru each night!
So think of this, each day thru,
As you look at this symbol,I have given you.
This mitt is from me,to show you my priceless love,
Because you have earned,this most special GLOVE!
I love you most,that most can be,
You are the given trophy,that I’ve chosen to protect me!
 Love you more...Always/Forever,me-Patti