No, Free Pride Glasgow did not ban drag queens

By declining drag queens to perform, your saying that they aren’t good enough to be up there w the rest of the people. Since this is supposed to be gender equality you NEED to have a few drag queens up there. I’m not saying take them all, but just a few. you can be straight and support gays, why can’t you be drag and support them. Drag is a fun life style choice. It makes fun of no one, and is actually a turn on. What is hotter than your boyfriend in a corset? We all have freaky fettishes, and we are all a little freaky. So just let em on w everyone else. your discriminating by declining all of the ones that aren’t trangendered, ESPECIALLY if they have to be trangendered to be up there. SINCE WHEN DO W CHECK EACHOTHERS NARDZ? It’s beyond sexist. next you’ll be saying straight people aren’t allowed up. Well hardy har har. have fun starting race wars. Xoxo