The emotional roller coaster

The emotional roller coaster of the LondonReal business accelerator, the cradling of Brian Rose and the team, and the help to ease you through the process.

I recently participated in the LondonReal business accelerator course and the experience was potentially life-changing for me.
 I was one of those people who procrastinated until it was almost to late before pulling the trigger. The emotions I felt after transferring over the funds were both relief, that I finally made the decision to join, mixed with fear, of what the hell have I just done. Has another online salesman convinced me to part with money I cant afford to lose.

The first module assignment hits my mailbox. The emotional roller coaster set off once again. As I read the heading of the task, the fear gradually manifests inside. I’m impressed and relieved with the quality and presentation of the material I receive and feel a sense of calm as I watch the videos of Brian Rose guiding me with excitement and enthusiasm through the first stage “trust the system” Brian tells me convincingly. There are a few thousand reason why I feel the need to do so. So I face the fears and complete the task.

I started to connect with the group of fellow members who had also signed up to the course and quickly realised I was not alone The emotions I was feeling were replicated amongst most, if not all of us and a sense of companionship began to unfold. Once again Brian Rose stepped up to lead the way, speaking live to the group for the first time. The fear started to build within me at the thought of my name being called to speak to the whole group. Brian with his energetic manner and smooth flow, helped reduce those fears as he calmly controls the conversation and leads you through, creating a great feeling of leadership and companionship at the same time.

A pattern begins to develop week after week as the modules are revealed. The feeling of excitement as the new tasks arrive, the feeling of dread and self-doubt of not knowing if, or how you can complete the tasks, the feeling of companionship amongst your fellow group, who show they are experiencing similar emotions, and then the feeling of leadership and compassion from Brian Rose himself, encouraging you to take the challenge and break through your resistance week on week, and then the feeling of accomplishment and growth as you are guided step by step to fulfil the task.
Brian’s influential voice is in the back of your head saying
 “trust the system”

There is a warmth you begin to feel for Brian Rose as you expand and develop through the course and continues to grow. Brian Roses passion for helping you achieve your dreams couldn’t be more real, or genuine, and you soon realise that despite his banking background, he really is not in this for money but to change peoples lives for the better, the way he did for himself.

The expertise Brain has when looking at your business idea or dealing with your emotional set backs, is encouraging. The knowledge he has gained from interviewing hundreds of guests on his programme London Real, really starts to show through. His ability to ask the right questions and give you meaningful answers, make you realise Brian has taken a real interest in your business and it’s obvious that he’s following your progress. Brian has a great ability to make you feel very comfortable in his presence, as if you had known him for a lot longer, with his non-judgemental attention to the issues you might be facing, Brian never fails to disappoint, even if he is telling you something you may not want to hear, in the most empathetic manner.

Brian Rose has been a great influence on me, and I’m looking forward to signing up to the other courses he and his team have developed.


Mark. Anthony. Patton

Business accelerator graduate
Owner of:
Excited by the futures:
Sharing and learning.

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