5 Ways Katie McGinty Wants To Grow The Government

  1. Katie McGinty Believes a New Federal Tax is Needed to Increase Energy Bills

Katie McGinty backs a massive cap and trade energy tax, even as other Democrats across Pennsylvania understand how damaging this tax would be. Not only would McGinty’s preferred cap and trade energy tax decrease Pennsylvania’s gross state product by $20.7 billion, but electric rates for Pennsylvania residents could jump by nearly $1,200. Perhaps most troubling though is a warning from members of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, which advised that McGinty’s cap and trade tax could cost the state 66,000 jobs.

2. Katie McGinty Believes the Government Deserves an Even Bigger Say in Your Health Care

To many, ObamaCare has been a series of broken promises. Premiums have gone up, people have lost their doctors, and choices are vanishing. Not only does Katie McGinty back ObamaCare, but she thinks the government should get even more involved. McGinty backs a single payer system, similar to what has been endorsed by other extreme liberals, such as Bernie Sanders.

3. Katie McGinty Believes You Should Pay More for Your Lifesaving Medical Devices

The Medical Device Tax is a 2.3 percent excise tax created by ObamaCare on everything from tongue depressors to pacemakers. It would increase costs for essential medical equipment while also stifling innovation and jobs across Pennsylvania. Thanks in part to the bipartisan work of Pat Toomey and others, this tax is currently suspended. Katie McGinty supports the Medical Device Tax and has insulted those who dare oppose it.

4. Katie McGinty Believes the EPA Should Have More Power

The bureaucratic power grabs initiated by the EPA during the Obama administration have been numerous and alarming. From the “War on Coal” to “Waters of the USA,” the EPA is out of control. But Katie McGinty wants to give them more power so that they can finish the job on Pennsylvania’s coal industry and also put the screws to the state’s promising natural gas industry.

5. Katie McGinty Believes Pennsylvanians Should Pay Nearly $5 Billion Worth of New Taxes

As Governor Tom Wolf’s chief of staff, Katie McGinty helped author a tax proposal that sought to increase Pennsylvania taxes by nearly $5 billion. The increase spared no income group and would have represented a nearly $1,500 increase on middle-class families. And what is the point of all these taxes? Well of course: record government spending.