Katie McGinty’s Pennsylvania Tax Proposal

Pat Toomey has been committed to fighting on behalf of taxpayers and putting Washington on a sustainable fiscal path. As a result, Senator Toomey has been honored by taxpayer advocates and has earned a reputation as a trusted voice on budget matters.

Conversely, Katie McGinty helped author the second largest tax hike in our state’s history, and it applied to every income level.

McGinty’s tax plan sought to increase taxes on every Pennsylvanian by nearly $5 billion — the sharpest tax increase since the creation of the Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax. The proposal would have increased taxes by $1,450 per family of four.

McGinty led the charge to get this destructive proposal signed into law, traveling the state and making public appearances in support of the tax increases.

In the end, the Wolf-McGinty tax proposal was defeated 0–193 in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Not even the most liberal of Pennsylvania’s House delegation could bring themselves to vote for this ridiculous measure.

Katie McGinty sought to increase the following taxes:

Personal Income Tax:

Katie McGinty advocated increasing the personal income tax by 20 percent. This equals out to $356 per person.

Sales Tax:

Katie McGinty wanted to increase the state sales tax by 10 percent. Under the McGinty tax plan, the sales tax would have also applied to currently exempt things like:

· College expenses (average increase of over $500 per year)

· Nursing home care (average increase of over $4,500 per year)

· Day care (average increase of over $750 per year)

Out-of-Control Spending:

The need for these tax increases was necessitated by fact that the McGinty budget sought a record increase in state spending. If McGinty would have gotten her way, state spending would have jumped $4.5 billion, which would have represented the greatest jump in over a quarter century.