Bullying is a big issue at our jobs, in our schools, over the internet, and sometimes even at our home. Our employer’s have trained their employee’s to physically bully the other employees just to get work done. Offering to do extra work is fine. Being threatened to lose your job if you don’t, is a form of bullying. I worked a job for six year’s where District manager’s and Manager’s were told to get the work done, some resulted in bullying employees. If you stood up for yourself, the District Manager would single you out, till you were fired. Usually from extreme exhaustion, or just no longer caring about the job. I worked four months straight opening and closing a store by myself. And after a new manager was hired on, I was blocked from taking my vacation time. Eventually fired, slandered by other employee’s, and denied any vacation time accumulated after leaving, without the pay. All because I did not want to become a fulltime Store manager Salaried.

Know These Sign’s

Complaining to the corporation does not stop the bullying, in fact it only intensifies the problems. You are not protected by the company, in fact these individuals can lie, or do whatever they like, to see you gone from your employment. Your job should never make you feel low or nor longer worth anything. Should you feel any of the above is happening, seek help outside your employer.

School bullying has been going on for eons, yet even though it has been addressed it still remains a top priority in society. School is a learning environment for achieving success to enter into adulthood. Yet children seem to believe it is actually acceptable to harm other’s, bully them, other then focus on their studies.

Since we have grown in society, trying to make our lives easier to gather information. The internet has now become a traffic way for cyber bullying. Numerous other problems have been brought to light since it first began. These include stalking the young, racial profiling, cyberattacking systems, bullying to the extremes of young and old killing themselves online, this is just a few issues spoken openly about. A society that felt the need to have information at their finger tips has now become a target for the insane minds of society. They say learning is power, but how and when do we stop helping criminal minds abuse the knowledge in the vast system.

Abuse is no longer a local society problem, it has now reached every far corner of the Earth. As a whole society globally we need to understand how, and why this is happening. What can we do as a individual to stop abuse, before it begins crippling society, and the world, gripping us with a fear of loss. When we deny people the right, to food, a home, education, clean water, we are ultimately abusing, the individuals unable to reach, or maintain these comforts that normal society takes for granted. We have made it to where only the educated survive in this world, while society says well it’s not our fault. I say one compelling question, then whose fault is it then? We have to learn and grow as one society, not as though it’s every person for themselves. If it means helping another to learn, or face new challenges, then we as individuals need to hear the calling, or simply understand society is merely existing.

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