Daniel Holtzclaw is a Patsy For Oklahoma’s Judicial Flaw, and Corruption

For many of us, we would like to believe our justice system, is great. Throughout this trial, I have personally come to see it is our justice system, that has a whole lot of corruption nation wide. Daniel Holtzclaw a third generation Police Officer in his family, has been convicted of rape, and sentenced to 263 years for a crime he did not commit. Daniel unaware of the tragic event’s that would take place to frame him, and keep him from his devoted family, has maintained his innocence. Before Daniel walked into the court, he had already been convicted. The prosecutor,Detectives, his attorney which was incompetent, Judge, and jury will be discussed in this article.

Michelle Maulkin brought to light the injustice that Daniel Holtzclaw faced. Highlighting big issues with lead investigator’s first not speaking the truth about the case. To obtain witnesses to gain a conviction, they printed out the last few week’s of Daniel’s work schedule stop’s. Michelle found out, that these investigator’s were telling potential witnesses that they had a dirty police officer, and he deserves to go to jail. During their investigation, Daniel never had a fighting chance. When I stumbled onto Daniel’s case by chance, I was reviewing court hearings on www.youtube.com. What caught my eye this man receiving a sentence of 263 years. I watched Daniel cry in court, but what caught my eye during sentencing? The Lead Prosecutor laughing at his table, while Daniel and his family cried in court. I decided that I had to watch every video, evidence I could find on Daniel Holtzclaw.

Then what caught my eye on their lead investigator was every time she was interviewed, her body language talked. She was lying, no one blinks their eyes as much as this lead investigator did during one interview. I made no rash judgement’s while reviewing every shred of evidence, and video’s. This case gripped me inside, seeing Daniel cry, his family be torn a part. So I check the DNA evidence, that was the deciding factor of this case. I watched a video, where investigator’s handle clothing without gloves. They take the man’s pant’s but, not his underwear. They selectively choose what they wanted as evidence. During an investigation everything is taken from that person, cell phones, clothing, and a warrant to search the rest of his house. It was clear this was a frame job from the start. The Lead investigator could not stop her ridiculous act, stating while interviewing a potential victim that she does not record interviews, except when involving a police officer. Yet this was a police officer, and no recording was taken.

During the trial, the supposed DNA evidence came from vaginal secretions as stated by the prosecutor. Yet, their is no such test available. Lie number four, and I really had not been seeking them out, it was obvious. Also while checking the DNA, an unknown males DNA was found, and it’s not Daniel’s. Daniel’s own attorney had family pay for a private DNA testing, the result’s were never used in Daniel’s trial. During Daniel’s trial their were Black panther’s in the court room, as well as chaos during the trial. Black lives matter parading, and chanting give him life. Clearly the Judge was incompetent to keep order in his court room. The jury is hearing all the negativity going on in the court room. The chanting outside the jury room, by their court house windows.

I want everyone reading this to see past the actual charges, and it is difficult for some. Investigate on your own, keeping an open mind. Understand that this can happen to anyone. Daniel stood accused, and the evidence is not there, yet he received 263 year’s for crimes he did not commit. There is much evidence, not just what I touched on here in this blog. Daniel need’s more citizen’s to help his family fight, cash donations for the defense team. New eyes helping to keep the defense team, finding new information. I couldn’t go one more day thinking of this case, and not continue to help this man, and his family. Through my investigation alone, Daniel was a patsy for Oklahoma’s judicial flaws, and corruption. Help Free Daniel Holtzclaw!

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