This Morning Routine will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week
Benjamin P. Hardy

This is fascinating and so applicable. I’m trying to ponder how this will work into my life rhythm. I home educate and am a self-employed entrepreneur. I have been waking early to write daily — spending time in the Bible and prayer and then writing.

My primary income isn’t generated from my writing (yet). As a result, I’m wondering if I need to shift some of what I do to include my paid work earlier in the day.

I had been wrapping up my spiritual devotion, writing and exercise by 7:30 to start working with my son on his schoolwork. I want to optimize his peak hours for school as well.

You would probably like to read the writings of Charlotte Mason — from the late 1800s. She was a genius and very ahead of her time in her understanding of how the brain worked and what methods of education to employ to best teach children (or anyone, really). One thing she did was rotate the topics every 20min to sort-of circuit train the brain.

I’m really intrigued about the idea of putting exercise off until later in the day (after lunch). I think proponents of morning exercise lean that way because the probability of someone less self-disciplined completing exercise daily increases when it is scheduled first thing.

I truly appreciate your research and the concise way you presented all of this. I wish society would shift to accommodate this sort of wisdom. Since that rarely happens, we have to carve our own paths and live counter culture for now.

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