Photo Credit: Xavier Sotomayor

How Did I Go Without it for this Long?

It’s been far too long! Feels so amazing to be this close after so, so very long. Those first 10 minutes are going to be phenomenal. Mmmm. It’s been like parched lips in the desert without a canteen.

I’ve been planning for this. So I’m thinking, I might even try later today if the opportunity arises. Maybe on the kitchen counter. Hard, but a convenient height. Or even the floor. And again in the late afternoon in the living room with the curtains pulled back and the evening sun streaming in before it retires for the night under the tree lined street.

Tomorrow evening in the backyard, it’ll happen in the shady part right under the budding tree. Or even the deck. And of course the office.

Most of all, I’m excited about the front porch, with its comfy wicker love seat and fluffy, crisp purple cushion. An early morning session as the sun is beginning to peak. It’ll be perfect.

Not too many neighbors out. Sneaky. Yummy. The excitement and threat of being discovered. Mornings are the best time.

Got all the essentials ready. It’s been about a week since the last time, maybe almost two. I can’t usually go more than a day without it.

A whole week, wow, except for those quick snatches of intimate space when I locked down a rushed serendipitous impulse, or a few draws of poetic movement, or maybe a sensual reverie before it escaped me.

I can almost taste it. Can’t wait for the next time I get to write. Especially on the front porch as dawn rushes in.