Patty Jane sometimes the other candidate gets more votes and we experience a loss.
David Lengen

Actually David, I don’t see where you get this vitriol idea from at all…. It just isn’t there. I find that laughable. Just because Hillary has been successful with many Democrats who accept her ideas and believe she is sincere does not mean those Democrats are correct. Or that they are consistent with the core democratic values many of us were raised with. The fact is, there’s a huge divide in the Democratic party right now. Condescending to those of us who don’t accept the far-right push the Clintons have given are party won’t change that fact. Genuine progressive change and a return to the values of our grandparents (mine voted for FDR and fought for the rights of the little guy) is the FUTURE of our party. Many of us are willing to stand up and fight for that because we’ve had enough of the doublespeak. Henry Kissinger is NOT a friend of Democrats. You can’t take millions and millions of dollars from Wall Street and vow to hold Wall Street accountable (do you understand that in the past 40 years together Hillary and Bill have taken $93 million from Wall Street for their campaigns alone? That doesn’t even include their speaking fees…).

If it makes you feel better about yourself, you can say it’s hateful or shameful or being a poor sport that I stand up for the core democratic values I was raised with and refuse to fall in line behind a candidate who has no understanding or appreciation of those values. That won’t change the fact that what Hillary Clinton wants and what Bernie Sanders wants are two very different things. Her RECORD has shown that. Her FUNDING shows that. She will not move our party where those of us who support Bernie want to be.

Just because I don’t agree with you does not make me hateful. Just because I disagree with Hillary doesn’t make me hateful. She has not earned my vote and she won’t get it.

You might be right about winning this time. And that’s ok if that happens. But if those of us who disagree profoundly with the direction Hillary is going in stay together (as we have vowed to do), we’ll come back for her (or Trump), in 2020 and run a real progressive.

Do you want to know where she REALLY lost me? Probably not… you’ve probably stopped reading by now. But just in case, I’ll tell you. She totally lost my vote for all eternity the day she stood up on the stage and called herself “a progressive who gets things done” in the same forum where she twice boasted about being friends with Henry Kissinger.

If we accept Hillary as a progressive, the progressive wing of the party is dead. We cannot accept a complete untruth as reality and maintain any shred of hope.

But I have hope. And many others do too. Because more and more people are waking up and standing with us and because the young people are strong and they are leading the way, as they always have. The young progressives have consistently been on the right side of history and I am honored to stand with them.

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