Here’s Why a Primary Vote for Hillary Will Help the Republicans Win the White House

Everyone knows Camp Hillary has been trying really, really hard to clobber Democrats with the idea that she’s more electable than Bernie Sanders. The implication is that Democrats should feel OBLIGATED to support her otherwise they can expect to call Donald Trump or Ted Cruz president.

Except, it isn’t true — at all! Poll after Poll over the past few months has shown that Bernie Sanders competes much better against every Republican candidate.

Actually, the opposite of what Camp Hillary is professing is true: If you cast your vote for Hillary Clinton in your state’s primary election or caucus, you might actually be handing over the White House to the Republicans.

Why? Hillary Clinton very likely cannot win the General Election in November. This was shown to be true in the fall. And as time goes on and Democrats become more and more frustrated with Camp Clinton’s negative campaign and sketchy tactics, it becomes even more true.

Bernie Sanders said months ago that he would not run as an independent candidate if Hillary wins the nomination. He’s a team player and he doesn’t want the Republicans to win; so he has wanted to support the nominee even if he isn’t the Democratic pick. But his concern for the Democratic team might not matter. His supporters have achieved so much momentum in their “UsNotMe” movement and this election has exposed the cronyism and corruption within the Democratic Party and the Clinton Machine. People are sick of it. And many of them will not vote for Hillary Clinton no matter what Bernie Sanders says or does. They’re done with the Clintons. And I get it.

Although Hillary Clinton supporters have tried to paint Bernie Sanders as a far-out radical whose proposals are too lofty to be accepted by moderates and conservatives, dooming our nation for more intense gridlock than ever before, Bernie Sanders appeals to many decent Republicans in addition to Democrats and Independents. They like that he’s modest and has never worn a tuxedo. More than most politicians, Bernie really seems to walk the walk.

Veterans love Bernie, too. Look at this active Veterans for Bernie Sanders Facebook Group . If you search Facebook for a “Veterans for Hillary Clinton” Facebook group you will not find one although there is a much smaller group that includes the family members and friends of veterans. You will also find several social media groups of Veterans Against Hillary. Sen. John McCain, who worked on legislation to support Veterans with Bernie Sanders, agrees Bernie Sanders has been much more active in supporting military veterans than Hillary has been (McCain, like Sanders, is also a huge advocate for campaign finance reform). Hillary Clinton, who voted in favor of the Iraq War, is disliked by many veterans. I am not going to post links to the veteran anti-Hillary pages because, frankly, they are not kind. But voters should probably realize that many veterans really, really dislike her — and veterans tend to vote. So think about that before you fall for the Democratic National Committee’s attempt to coronate Hillary.

If Bernie Sanders is the nominee, he will bring out his enthusiastic supporters and a number of Independents and Republicans will vote for him because they are inspired by his commitment to reform campaign financing by only accepting contributions from small donors and instead of accepting HUGE donations from corporations and Wall Street. Multinational corporations and banks have been buying our elections for years and people in both parties are sick of it. If Hillary Clinton is the nominee, thousands and thousands of “Bernie Or Bust” Democrats will write in Bernie or skip the November presidential vote altogether in protest. You can argue that not supporting the Democratic nominee is dumb but you cannot change the fact that as of this blog posting more than 46,500 Americans have pledged to support Bernie or no matter what, as a write-in candidate if necessary.

All of these facts (the Bernie or Bust Democrats, Veterans for Bernie, Independents for Bernie, Republicans for Bernie) add up to one thing: If Bernie Sanders, who has a YUUUGE likability rating with everybody, including Clinton supporters, wins the nomination, turnout will be strong. If Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, Republican voter turnout against her is likely to be huge and Democratic support for Clinton… well… not so much.

So think real hard before you swallow the lie that Hillary Clinton is the only chance for the Democrats to win in November. It’s absolutely false. And actually the truth is this:

If you vote for Hillary Clinton in your Primary Election or State Caucus, you might be handing over the White House to the Republicans because, like it or not, many Americans don’t like her. Some are upset that she supported the War in Iraq. Some are upset that she is so close with Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon’s close adviser. Some are mad as hell that she catered to Wall Street and profited dearly from speeches to big banks at the same time the African American Community lost half its wealth and many Americans struggled dearly as a result of the Wall Street Collapse.

You can argue that all Democrats should like her and support her if she wins the nomination. But please don’t be foolishly blind to the fact that many people really don’t like her and just won’t support her under any circumstance.

It’s not because they’re sexist or hateful. They’re just done with the Clinton empire and party corruption.

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