Hundreds Of Potlucks For Bernie Break Out In Reaction To George Clooney’s $100,000-a-plate Clinton San Francisco Fundraiser

Don’t call us Bernie Bros! We are a diverse community that’s cooperating to change the world one casserole or pie at a time!

Bernie Supporters Sharing A Meal In Participation With #PotluckForBernie and #DineWithThe99 Changing the World One Casserole At A time! :-)


Bernie Cookies for a Potluck happening April 17

(Update at 8:10 a.m. April 18: Last night they reported the priciest seats for the Clooney fundraiser were $100,000 so I changed the figure from $300,000. Mixed numbers have been reported. My understanding is there were two fundraisers and at one the most expensive seats were about $350,000 and at the other, the highest-priced seats were $100,000. In either case, it’s a heck of a lot of money to pay to dine with a candidate for president.)

(Update at 2:30 p.m. April 17: I received this message from one of the Dine With The 99 Organizers, Katharine Kennedy Coburn: “4 women who never met, created, organized & worked tirelessly on this idea, website and its’ promotion over a short 3 weeks! From there it was the 100s of hosts and 1000s of attendees who made it happen!!! You can find more info about who we are at”)

By Patty Jane

If you search the Hashtags #DineWithThe99 and #PotluckForBernie on social media this weekend, you’ll find photos of happy potluckers from all around the United States — and some foreign countries including South Korea, Mexico and an event in Germany that attracted 40 people from more than a dozen nations (an organizer from Germany contacted me Monday morning and said they’re meeting again soon to plan additional fundraising events for Bernie including a barbeque).

I was excited when a Facebook friend from a Bernie Sanders group invited me to join the Dine With The 99 Movement developing in reaction to George Clooney’s $100,000-a-plate fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. George said Sunday he agrees with Bernie Sanders supporters who protested the fundraiser at his house about the fact that there’s too much big money influencing politics today. Bustle had an article about why the four women behind this potluck movement believe feminists should support Bernie Sanders.

Thousands of people are participating in potlucks this weekend and most hosts suggest a $27 donation. Some people are making donations online and others are giving checks or cash at the events.

Here is an image from our Dine with the 99% party in Freiburg, Germany held on Friday 15/4. Over 40 people from over a dozen nations joined us to break bread and change the planet. Proof there is worldwide support for Bernie’s message. Its not about him, its about US! A big shout out to super-Bernie fans Andrew Irwin and the lovely Anne Blume for organizing this and all the cats at our WG for hosting the event. Love and gratitude to you all! — posted on Facebook by 
L Michael Buchsbaum

My boyfriend Rob and I were among hundreds of hosts for #DineWithThe99. We hosted a simple Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser For Bernie Thursday before the debate and suggested $27 but told people they were welcome to donate just 27 cents or whatever they were able. Our largest donation was $270 from a generous 50-something former colleague of mine who lost her husband to ALS a few years ago. Some people just dropped a few dollars in the jar. All together about 15 of us raised $848 for Bernie at our dinner.

Some young supporters at our Dine with the 99 in Baltimore! Lily, age 16, and Sasha, age 8. Sasha started a Bernie club at her elementary school!

The official Dine With The 99 Website has more information about the grassroots potluck movement started by four Bernie Sanders supporters in partnership with Women For Bernie.

Map from Dine With The 99 Website of officially registered potlucks. I think there are probably just as many that are not registered from the photos I see cropping up on Social Media.

The Dine With The 99 Facebook Group is bustling with photo posts from people potlucking for Bernie Sanders all over the place.

Here’s what’s cookin’ for Bernie in Arizona! ❤

It looks like most Dine With The 99 events are traditional potlucks. A few have been more focused. I saw one photo from a Sushi For Sanders event.

Below are more fun photos I collected from a Dine With The 99 Facebook Group including pictures from events in Oregon, Vermont, Utah, New Hampshire, Virginia, California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Arizona, Illinios, North Carolina, Washington, Maryland, Texas, Michigan, Minnesota and Mexico City.

The rate at which #PotluckForBernie has taken off shows how awesome Bernie Sanders’ supporters are. Some members of Camp Clinton have called us “Bernie Bros.” Mainstream Media has pushed the idea we’re a bunch of college students and old white men who don’t want to vote for a woman. Not true at all. We’re extremely diverse — and united in our love for democracy and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont!

Rocking Dine With 99 in Minnesota!

Bernie Sanders thinks we need to get deep-pocket donors and special interest fundraising out of politics because elections should not be bought by “a handful of billionaires.” We potluck warriors agree! When campaigns are financed by one $27 donation at a time, democracy has a unique opportunity to flourish — one vote is truly one vote.

We’re putting our money where out mouth is.

UPDATE….MORE PHOTOS Added at 10:15 a.m. April 19

These three had a potluck and phone banked on Sunday
A dove landed in the greens while this guy was singing at a #DineWithThe99 potluck

UPDATE…. MORE PHOTOS Added at 5:30 p.m. April 18

UPDATE…. MORE PHOTOS Added to Post 9:30 a.m. April 18. ❤

Photos Below were added to post Sunday, April 17…

Illinois #PotluckForBernie . Changing the world, one casserole at a time!
Bernie-themed-desserts are very popular #DineWithThe99 fare
Images from potlucks that happened all over the United States and in Mexico this weekend as part of #DineWithThe99
#DineWithThe99 event from the Lower East Side of Manhattan
The Chocolate Pudding I made for our Spaghetti Dinner For Bernie in Ypsilanti, Mi.
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