If you really cared about the country, you’d put aside your political ego to help protect 60 years…
Robert Squires

I care deeply about this country. Perhaps it is your ego that cannot allow you to see another point of view? I respect your decision to support Hillary Clinton in November. You should respect that I cannot. It is not because I “hate” her. It is because I do not see the Clintons as “liberals.” In my view, 8 more years of pushing the Democratic party in a conservative direction (which will assuredly happen under another Clinton presidency), is much more damaging than whatever damage the flipped-out Republican party can do in 4 years. The progressive movement — for which Bernie Sanders is only the current frontman — will absolutely wither and die under a Clinton Administration. That’s a fact (substantiated by repealing Glass-Steagall, signing NAFTA, recently bragging about friendship with Henry Kissinger, supporting the War in Iraq, advocating for Military action in Libya and supporting increased military action in Sirya). These people are not liberals! They are neo-conservatives. If you can accept a neo-conservative Democratic agenda, you should vote for Hillary. I cannot, especially when we have such an opportunity now to restore the core values of our party through the uprising of this progressive movement. If Hillary wins, we have 8 years of neo-conservativism and the death of the progressive movement I wholeheartedly support. If one of those hateful and ignorant republicans win, it will be very sad but the progressive movement will only get stronger. And then we can run another hero, like Tulsi Gabbard or Nina Turner, in 2020. You are short sighted and closed minded to insist that a Democrat MUST support the nominee at all costs. That is not democracy.

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