If Hillary Clinton’s E-mails Require Review From EIGHTEEN State Agencies, They NEVER Should Have Been On Her Personal Server

It’s this type of insanity that makes Bernie Sanders supporters so frustrated and afraid to support her as the nominee.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton texts backstage before the most recent debate. Photo obtained from Clinton’s Facebook Page.

For the love of National Security and transparency, I don’t understand why all Democrats don’t see this as a serious issue.

I expected Morning Edition to cover the issue thoughtfully today since numerous reports this week have hinted at the severity of the situation and the fact that Hillary is likely to face criminal court issues regarding this mess in the not-so-distant future. Unfortunately, Morning Edition didn’t report the story with the integrity and objectivity I’ve come to expect from NPR. Their Morning Edition Report was spun so far towards Hillary it seemed as though it was developed by her campaign staff. I hate to say it, but just as there was an undeniable “Bernie Sanders Media Blackout,” in 2015, there now truly seems to be a liberal media blackout of the Clinton e-mail scandal. The most objective report on the subject this week came today from Politico.

With traditionally liberal newspapers such as the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Boston Globe seemingly avoiding the story altogether, it’s no wonder Bernie Sanders supporters often feel like there’s a conspiracy against our candidate.

I’m one of the last people on earth to worry about conspiracies. I worked as a newspaper journalist for more than 10 years and think the public tends to ascribe way too much malice to media. Sure, every publisher has a political bent, but for the most part I tend to think mainstream media attempts to provide airing for differing viewpoints. I tend to view media failures more as a consequence of overburdened newsrooms due to extensive reporting cuts than outright villianous attempts to obscure reality. You’ll never find me looking for black helicopters in the sky. And yet the lack of balanced media coverage given to Hillary Clinton’s e-mail issues this week on the verge of the Iowa Caucuses is truly concerning.

Several Democrat friends I know who are “leaning Hillary” or supporting Hillary have expressed two concerns to me: They’re upset with how angry and rude some Bernie Sanders supporters sound. And they’re worried those rude, angry Sanders supporters will stay home on Election Day if Hillary wins the nomination, ensuring a Republican victory.

I would ask Democrats who are upset with the anger expressed by Sanders supporters to consider this: The mainstream media bias towards Hillary Clinton is anything but polite.

When even NPR cannot be relied upon to objectively report a story that seriously effects the Democratic Party, there’s trouble in paradise. Maybe we really don’t belong with your party anymore. When this stuff happens (and it has, over and over and over throughout the 2016 campaign), it makes those of us who support Bernie Sanders feel as though we are no longer a part of the family, as if the dog ate our invitations or maybe they just never made it to the mail.

Think about it. Last night the State Department filed another extension request to avoid releasing 7,000 missing emails for another month. Why? Politico reported it’s because they haven’t all been reviewed by eighteen state agencies required to review them before their public release (in some cases the number of agencies required to review certain emails might be more in the neighborhood of twelve).

If you value national security and transparency in government, I ask you to sit down and ponder this: Why On Earth For The Love Of God And All That Is Holy, would Hillary Clinton have ever-ever-ever-in-a-million years kept correspondence so sensitive it requires the review of EIGHTEEN STATE AGENCIES on her personal server and personal devices?

Come on. It’s crazy and any Democrat who values national security and transparency in government knows it.

Hillary should step up and demand that the e-mails be released immediately or she should get out of the race. If she really left communication THAT sensitive (requiring-review-from-EIGHTEEN-STATE-AGENCIES SENSITIVE) on her personal server, exposing it to espionage from our enemies, she can’t be the next president of the United States.

The reasons why should be obvious.

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