Enjoy your work, and thanks.

It is true that it is a witch hunt from the right. But that doesn’t mean it is not accurate. I’m infuriated at her purposeful avoidance of FOIA and what the consequences would be if, say, my local sheriff decided to run all of his communication through a home-brewed server to avoid FOIA. So very serious. The left needs to stop complaining about it being a right-wing witch hunt and face the truth. She screwed up big — and if she gets a pass on it the consequences for government transparency will be monumental. Judicial Watch is a right-wing pain in the ass; yes it is. And it’s doing exactly what it should be doing within our law. The left should reciprocate in kind by hunting down the records of conservatives and watchdogging them — not pissing and moaning about how harassing the right wing is to poor Hillary. Transparency isn’t a partisan issue. And now that journalism is even less professional of a field than teaching (which is being reduced to babysitting) — somebody has to do it. Newspapers will not shell out the money for FOIA suits anymore.