so you don’t think you could stomach voting for Hilary, well you better buckle up butter cup…
Karma Avro

Karma, yes. I understand it is hard for you to believe. But, since writing this article before the Iowa Caucuses, I am firmly now in the #BernieOrBust camp. I am not attempting to push it on anybody else. We all must examine our consciences and vote for whom we are able to support. I know of people who lost all the men in their family in the Pol Pot slaughter which Henry Kissinger’s illegal and brutal carpet bombing set the stage for. I guess that was the moment that cinched it for me. Hillary Clinton is a Hawk who changes her opinion whatever direction the polls blow. I believe in my heart 8 years of Hillary would be far worse in the long run than 4 years of Trump or Cruz (Cruz frightens me even more than Trump because he has political experience). In 4 years a progressive can run and get organized earlier than Bernie and clean this shit up. We cannot keep voting for candidates who lead us into endless war and regime change. When it comes to foreign policy, Hillary Clinton has more in common with George Bush than she has with Barack Obama. I’m done. Count me out.