I’ve posted several thoughtful articles on my Facebook wall explaining why I won’t vote for Hillary…
Amy L. Hayden

Ugh. I am sorry for the name calling you have endured. I’ve had some pretty condescending things said to me as well. I’m 50 and many of the people I see supporting Bernie are my age or older, though I know older Hillary supporters, too. I also see a mix of support on down to age 30. Pretty much everybody under 30 understands we need a better future (they’ll live long enough to see the consequences!). I feel like Hillary’s success in achieving roughly 50 percent of the support of Democrats (this will continue to be tight… I am surprised at her level of support) makes me think that we have several generations of Americans who were educated about politics through TV commercials and sound bites. They get caught up in the record, not the issues. How else can they not see that Hillary, in the last few months, has stolen about 75 percent of Bernie’s platform. The only problem is, she cannot be trusted for ten seconds to do anything to implement it. She will always be affected by what gives her personal advantage in her MeNotUs thinking.

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