Why Are Bernie Sanders’ Supporters So Rude?

Answer: We’re not rude. This is a myth propagated by people who don’t like Bernie Sanders and want to sabotage his campaign.

Question: Then how come I see Bernie Sanders’ supporters, those Bernie Bros, saying hateful things about Hillary Clinton on the internet?

Answer: Because people who don’t want Bernie Sanders to win the election are drawing attention to comments some supporters make, so you’re noticing them. Actually, Hillary Clinton supporters and supporters for every Republican candidate also say rude things on the internet. If you keep an eye out for them, I guarantee you, you’ll see what I mean. The fact is — very few people are as polite on Social Media as they are in face-to-face conversation. The Clinton Campaign began the myth of “Bernie Bros” as a way to discredit the campaign of Bernie Sanders. Her campaign did the same thing in 2008 when she ran against Barack Obama. At that time, her campaign spotlighted all negative comments about Clinton made by Obama fans and called them “Obama Boys.” Also, please consider the fact that if you happen to see more negative comments from Bernie Supporters online, it might because there are more Bernie Sanders supporters online, using social media as a tool to promote their candidate who was completely ignored my mainstream media even as his speeches attracted thousands of fans. Sanders’ campaign was completely ignored by media for all of 2015. So, the story of the Sanders’ campaign is, indeed, propagated by “social media.” Social Media is comprised of a wide cross-section of America. Social Media commentators are not necessarily educated in or accountable to the journalistic manners of main-stream media. On social media you wind up with conversations that are more heated and more edgy. That doesn’t mean Bernie Sanders’ supporters, as a group, are more sexist or rude than Hillary Clintons’ supporters. That’s a complete fallacy.

Question: Does Bernie Sanders care about his supporters’ conduct?

Answer: Yes! Bernie Sanders cares very much about the image his supporters project. In fact Bernie Sanders is the ONLY candidate who has specifically asked for his supporters to do Random Acts of Kindness during (and after) the campaign season, as a way to foster goodness in the United States and in the World. The effort, officially, is called Random Acts of Bernie. Also, Bernie Sanders has publicly stated that if his supporters are sexist and rude, he doesn’t want them. He affirms kindness and is running a campaign of integrity.

Question: So who are Bernie Sanders’ supporters anyway?

Answer: Bernie Sanders supporters are a diverse group of Americans from every socioeconomic and cultural background. I wrote a post about the cross-section of America I observed at a recent Eastern Michigan University Bernie Sanders Rally here. And here are a few photos of some of his Michigan supporters. As you can see… we’re not all kids or haters!

At the Bernie EMU Rally, Jen, raised by Republicans, Sally, a 64-year-old Independent, and me, a 50-year-old Demcorat.
Yvonne Claes, a 47-year-old high-school teacher and Super Fan with her former student, Kyle Goodall, also a Super Fan!
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