In my mind, it would have been in the long-term best interests of the recorded music business to enable the widespread success of thousands of companies, each paying fair but not bone-crushing royalties back to labels, artists and publishers. But the high royalty rates imposed upon startups, even after clear signs over the past 19 years that the strategy killed companies, prevented a healthy ecosystem from emerging. It’s a bed the music industry made for itself, and now it is left to lie in it.
The Music Industry Buried More Than 150 Startups—Now They are Left to Dance with the Giants
David Pakman

Agree that the labels are clueless, but have a hard time seeing how an ecosystem of 100’s of streaming music companies would work. Consumers can only handle so much choice, and eventually the small players would get bought up by the Spotify’s of the world. Btw, is there any analogy to other content types for this? Don’t see how this would work for premium video or books either.

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