Design process of Rentconnected APP


In the begin of 2017, I was invited to join the Rentconnected design team, it is a startup company for rental car platform base in Thailand.My friend Lynn and I were in charge of creating an app for IOS and Android and also the web design as a freelance case.

They found out a fact that the rental car deals from International rental car companies in Thailand had a high percentage made by the local people, so they wanted to build a rental car’s platform which more suited the local needs, like increasing the pick up locations, providing local-support payment etc.And for sure, they had a better chance for getting a lower price from the local suppliers.

Focus Before Design

At first, the case owner send us a PDF, he already had an idea of the main booking flow and the detailed functions he wished, the CIS and the clean-style he wanted were also been provided.

BUT…According to the pages he gave us above, we realized that they didn’t quite understood how a screen should be layout, it seems like we have lots of work to do for fitting the guideline for each app platform. I list down two main directions we will head to.

1.Follow the booking flow that have been provide

Since we didn’t have enough time and resource to do deep interview & research, we tend to follow the booking process of existing products and what the owner provide us.

2.Balance between the client’s needs and the design guidelines

We took the details they listed to a deeper consideration, keep the reasonable functions and if it’s not, we’ll have more discussion about it.The most important thing was to keep everything under the guideline and the logic of app design.

Discover the problem

For making our product superior to others, we had still done some research on the existing products, try to find out some problems and make an improvement. The following will focus on an issue-About the supplier comparison.

Taking Rentalcar app as reference, we found out a problem not only in this app but others — One type of car will appear more than once.

  1. In the Search result section: One car will appear repeatedly due to the different supplier companies, this seems quite bothering and confusing for users.
  2. In the Car information section: A same car from different supplier might have different insurance cover or different detail policies, you need to jump between the search result page this page to tell the difference between them.


Through the user journey map, I defined and list down the problems that users have been faced in each step.

User journey map

Design solutions

After lots of discussions,we sum up a direction :

No more duplicate car deals appear in the same time, users just need to find out what type of the car they want, we don’t want them to be distract for comparing the same car while they’re choosing the car types.

In the section of search result, instead of showing the duplicate cars deals of every supplier,we thought that showing “how many deals of this type of car” will be a more proper information for users.

Instead, the suppliers’ information will be shown at the car information section, it’s more clear to see all the suppliers at one sight, also more easier for users for comparing the difference. However, it seems to have lots of possibilities for placing different supplier’s information in one page, so I made some explorations as follow.

Design Iterations

1st iteration

We applied the card design in current version, each supplier has its own card with detail informations.Users can swipe left and right to see the different supplier of this type of car.

Due to the urge schedule of development,we had not much time for more testing and iteration.BUT… there’re still many things that I thought it could have a better usability. So I proceed to the next version of design on my own for just fun and practicing.

2nd iteration

Although all the suppliers’ information has been tidied up as cards,I still thought we should highlight the things that users most care and put them together for clear comparison.

In this version, since the majority of booking service users will have a great concern about the price, I put the price and the suppliers together in a line for a clear one-sight comparison. All the detailed information from different suppliers can be switch just a simple click on the tab.

Though the product has been release for a while, I still think there are so many things that needed to be redesign. Despite this is just a freelance case, I still feel like somewhere has a chance to be improved. I always consider it a precious opportunity for improving the product you made,isn’t it?

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