A hurricane ruined us

I figured I would never have to write about you. You were the coincidental timing I didn’t even know I prayed for. When it began, I doubted our legitimacy because it didn’t seem real that you had found me so fast. If you hadn’t, I might be a totally different person.

After him, I was cold, heartless, with thoughts, racing. You took that and ran with it yourself. You held me long and warmed me with your body heat. You shared some of your heart, while mine was in repair. You eased my mind with honesty and loyalty.

It was months before I learned you were genuine. We fought, I cried, and you, you promised me anything. You expected more of us, while I used previous fears against you.

Eventually I allowed you in, with eyes closed, I threw caution to the wind. I didn’t prepare any safety net. I figured you needed one before I did.

And then a hurricane came, taking us in it with no remorse. You crawled yourself to freedom and promised to come back for me when you found help.

I’ll be waiting for the sirens…

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